Introduction: Minecraft Block Storage Stool.

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This instructable shows how to make a MINECRAFT block storage stool!. This is a fun & functional piece of furniture than a minecraft fan would love. The stool measure approximately 480mm cubed with a removable top so things can be stored inside.



Minecraft material (Duvet cover)



Spray adhesive

Floor protectors



Step 1: Measure the Squares.

I wanted the fold at the corners to line up with the blocks on the material so before cutting any plywood I started by measuring the squares on the material. This will determine the size of your stool. In my case the squares were 40mm square but note these measurements could vary so you will have to adjust your measurements to suit.

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting the Plywood.

The traditional minecraft block has a brown bottom section with a green section approx 1/3 of the way down from the top. I cut two pieces of 18mm plywood 480mm x 360mm and two pieces 444mm x 360mm.

Step 3: Prep the Plywood.

I pre drilled and countersunk holes in the plywood. Countersinking for the screws ensures there wont be any lumps in the material when it is fitted later.

Step 4: Assemble the Plywood.

I used screws to attach the plywood together. I put 4 screws in each side which is plenty to hold it together. When you are finished assembling you should be left with a box measuring 480mm x 480mm x 360mm high.

Step 5: the Base.

For the base I again used 18mm plywood. This measured 480mm x 480mm and I fitted it to the box with screws after pre drilling and countersinking the holes.

Step 6: The Material.

The material I used was a double duvet cover which I purchased on line. It had green on one side and brown on the other. There is enough material in a double duvet to make a min of two stools.

Step 7: Attaching the Material to the Box.

To attach and hold the material in place I used a spray adhesive. I first applied the spray and then carefully laid the material down lining up squares to the edges of the box as best as I could. When I got to the end I folded the material back on itself to create a hem and the stuck it down.

Step 8: Tiding the Material.

To tidy the material on the top part of the box, which would be opening, I fitted some 25mm x 50mm wood approx 18mm down from the edge and then cut off any excess material.

Step 9: Seat.

For the seat (removable section) I cut another piece of plywood 480mm x 480mm. I also cut a piece of foam the same size. The thickness of the foam was approximately 100mm thick. I again used the spray adhesive to fix the foam to the plywood.

Step 10: Fitting Material to the Seat.

I laid the green material on a bench (upside down) and the foam and plywood. I folded the material back and stapled it to the plywood to hold it in place. Take care folding the corners and try and keep it as square as possible.

Step 11: Seat Contd.

To tidy the underneath I stapled on some black felt and to stop the seat from sliding when in use, I screwed on some 25mm x 50mm wood so that it sits into the bottom section.

Step 12: Bottom of the Stool.

To tidy the bottom of the stool I also fitted some black felt with staples. Using the black felt gives it a more finished professional look.

Step 13: Floor Protection.

To protect the floor from being scratched I fitted some floor protectors. The ones I used just needed to be hammered into the plywood base. I placed one in each corner approx 30 - 40 mm in.

Step 14: The Finished Stool!

The finished minecraft storage stool! I think it is a nice stool with the added benefit of having some storage. I think if I were doing it again I would spend a little more time working on getting the corners and folds in the material better. Let me know what you think of it and if there is anything you would do differently. Thank you for viewing.

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