Introduction: Minecraft Cannon

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This is the cannnon! Pretty simple. Of course I didn't make it, I saw it from something else, so pleasethank whoever made this, I'm just showing how to make this. You do have to reload it, but I'll make a multi shooting one later. PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU LIKE IT!!! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

This is what you need

Step 2: Step 2: Shape

Make as show in the picture. (Sorry, mods in the background, well, the modpack voltz in tekkit, ill talk about it later and maybe make an instructable on it).

Step 3: Step 3: Add Redstone Stuffies

Add the redstone as shown. Add the button at the opposite side of the one cobblestone. Added to that, in the 3rd picture, add that block there so when u load, you don't mess up. MAKE SURE ALL THE REDSTONE REPEATERS ARE SET IN 4 TICKS!!!

Step 4: Step 4: Time to FIRE!!!

Load the cannon with TNT, and add 1 TNT on the stone slab. then press the button and FIRE!!! Now you know how to create a Minecraft Cannon! Please comment below if i should make more, and of what kind! (OK, you can see the modpack in the background , yes its Voltz [SEARCH IT UP IF YOU DON'T KNOW] and its a convayer belt killing animals [sorry about the english] and it mainly kills zombies)