Minecraft Castle 2.0




Introduction: Minecraft Castle 2.0

I play Minecraft on pc, Xbox 360 and pe. If you ever want to do an instructable with me on the 360 …

This is going to be a longer instructable because it is so big. But it's worth it. Also thank you everyone i currently have 30 subscribers!!! Can we push for 40 or 50?

Step 1: Finding a Big Place

First you need to find a big place to build. I had no big spaces left so i basically destroyed a mountain for you guys because you rock!

Step 2: The Base

The perimeter needs to be 30 blocks long for front and back and it needs to be 25 blocks wide (the right and left side). Then just fill it in with the type of block you are using.

Step 3: Building the Towers

Now we need to build the four towers. The base needs to be 7 blocks by 7 blocks. And they need to be 18 blocks tall. Repeat this step to get all four towers. And at the top make it go out one block and then place a block every other block like shown.

Step 4: The Walls and Roof

So first you need to build the walls. I built mine five high but it's up to you on what you want to do. Next make the roof. You can make cool designs or make it a plain roof, it doesn't matter as long as you have a roof.

Step 5: Time to Start Decorating

Many of you asked me how to build the throne. So now I am going to show you. You build the base 5 long and 4 wide then fill in the missing blocks.

Step 6: The Seat

Now make the seat 3 blocks long and 2 blocks wide.

Step 7: The Back

Now you make the back of the chair to blocks high and put the fences on for arm rests.

Step 8: Inside Is Done

Now that the inside is done you have to make a second floor.

Step 9: Making the Second Floor

The second floor is 18 blocks long and 17 blocks wide. The walls are also 5 blocks high.

Step 10: Make the Sleeping Area

Step 11: Finally Make the Toliets

Step 12: You Can Make a Third Level

If you want to make a third floor you can because it looks better but it's not really needed. But if you want to build it, the dimensions are 14 blocks long and 13 blocks wide and 5 blocks high.


This is the end of this instructable. Remember I am making an instructable on the xbox this week! But until then build on!!!!

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    Tip 4 months ago

    Make sure you guys add in lights to your build and maybe even a few secrets like hidden chests, secret rooms, and protected treasures.


    1 year ago

    I love the build what I did was I used the outside and made my interior temple like because I was using it for my Hindu temple!👍👍👍


    4 years ago

    Great simple inscrutables! Just wanted to point out that when trying to build realistic structures, building up in the middle like that is not possible in real life without pillars or having most of the inside filled up with walls (But it's MC, so who cares?)


    5 years ago

    that is one awsome invention


    7 years ago

    Cars would you make another indestructible?