Introduction: Minecraft Changing Floor and Smelting Machine

Do you ever feel like it is a good day to build some amazing Redstone Machines, no, well then its a good thing i made some to share with you. My machines include a Changing Floor and a Smelting Machine. There will be a map download with these machines on them. Now i am normally into electronics, but who doesn't like playing Games. Queue description.

Changing Floor - well, have you ever had the problem of choosing the floor of a room, but you have two favorites. well, with the power of redstone, you can have two different floors patterns in the same room. this machine is large and a tad impractical, but cool to show your friends. I explain how this machine works, but it is best explained by looking trough it on the map.

Smelting Machine - cooking in a normal furnace is rather a long task, so why not add redstone and make it automatically add and remove items for you. This project is lots easier and helps a lot with smelting a lot of items.

here is the map download. simply unzip the file and put into your minecraft saves folder.

Step 1: Changing Floor

So the Idea is you push a Button and the Floor changes. Now this the biggest piston floor you can make with this method, so it requires a "Cool Down" of about 15 seconds between buttons presses. Lets start on how this changes the floor, so there are four pistons, in two sets of two with them being at 90 degree angles to all the others, and two "tapes" of blocks that is floor 1 and floor 2.

  1. P
  4. P
  5. P = piston, F = Floor 2, B = Floor 1

As the above picture and diagram show, there is only one block by the piston. when that block is pushed by the piston it moves the bottom block tape to the other side where the block is pushed up, then pushed the other way moving the top block tape, that block is then pushed down and the whole process starts again. So I made it so there is a small delay between each piston push so it does this over and over while a redstone signal is on. Then all i had to do is add a toggle switch and a timer. so when the button is pushed it toggles the switch and turns on the timer, the timer turns off the toggle after all the blocks have moved (the timer takes a little bit to set right). There is also another toggle because one piston floor is one block bigger then the other, so i needed a toggle that would add a delay when the large tape is on, but not when the small tape is on. Here is how the floor sits in the two states.

State 1


State 2


Like i said really complicated and hard to explain. I hope it makes sense.

Step 2:

Now i believe this is best covered in the picture step by step above, but here is a text version. First lay 3 Droppers, all of them facing up, stacked in a 3 high stack. Next place a hopper next to the bottom Dropper, with the hopper going into the Dropper. Then a furnace on the Hopper. Now a Hopper on the Furnace. now place a Hopper next to the Furnace, with it going into the Furnace, then a Hopper on that. now you should have a setup like this, facing from the front.

  1. HHD
  2. HFD
  3. HD

H = Hopper, F = Furnace, D = Dropper.

Place a Chest on the left, on top of the Hopper, the right, on the Dropper, and a Trapped Chest in the middle, on the center Hopper. now from the top setup the redstone like this, this is view of everything from the top.

  1. ROR
  2. O R
  3. SOR
  4. C R
  5. HHDSR <- a piece of redstone goes on top of the piece of stone here.

R = Redstone Dust, O = Repeater, S = Stone, C = Comparator,

I hope this explains it.

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Thanks for Reading.

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