Introduction: Minecraft Chest

This is a tutorial on how to make a Minecraft chest. I decided to make this tutorial because I haven't seen a good look Minecraft chest that was accurate to the game.

Materials that you will need are
Chest templates form fps x games
Craft knife
Foam board
Glue gun with glue
Chopping board
And black electrical tape ( this is not necessarily )

Step 1: Cutting Out the Templates

Start of by cutting out the templates.
When you have cut out the templates start folding the paper against the line. Then cut off all of the of the "tab"s on the templates apart form the bray one.

Step 2: Sticking and Cutting Out

Start off by sinking all of the templates down on to the foam board with there flaps facing up so don't glue them.
Once you have stuck all of the templates down let them dry for 5 mins and then start cutting them out of the foam
( look at pictures for help )

Step 3: Cutting the Foam at 45 Degrees

Start off by using a ruler to mark a line around the edges that is 5 mm away from the edge. Once you have done this to all pieces start cutting by putting the template next to the edge of a table and then start cutting (look at pics for info) repeat this step for all of the templates but do not cut one side of the templates that has the flap on.

Step 4: Glueing the Bottom Layer

Place your bottom peace down and then add glue to angles. Then pick up one of your peace sand then stick the opposite side to the one with the flap repeat this for the rest of the peaces. ( look at pictures for information) then add glue to the tabs and then stick on to the foam.

Step 5: Top Layer Glueing

Repeat steps as before.

Step 6: Chest

Place the top on the bottom with the to sides as shown in pic facing the same way

Step 7: Making the Latch

Start off by glueing the tabs together on latch with the top open. Using the top trace the size on to some scrap foam and then repeat. Then put the foam in to the hole and then glue the top on and then glue on to chest

Step 8: Finished and Final Touches

Pick up the hinge and add it to the back of the chest with glue. Your chest is done but you can add the black tape to go around the black borders to make the chest look neater and then also to the tape to the inside flaps.