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Introduction: Minecraft Controller

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1: What did you make?
I made a Minecraft controller that plugs into the computer to control game.

2: How did you make it? 
How I made it is explained in the next 22 steps. But mostly I used cardboard, a Makey Makey and conductive materials.

3: Where did you make it?
I made it in school as apart of a language arts project.

4: What did you learn?
i learned how to use the MaKey Makey and circuits to interface with the computer. 

Step 1: Minecraft Controller

I made a Minecraft controller so I don't have to use the key board.

Step 2: Step 1:

Draw your circuit. Make sure to include a route for your ground or earth circuit, too.

Step 3: Step 2:

Cover your drawing with tin foil or another conductive material.

Step 4: Step 3:

Cover your tin foil or other conductive material clear packaging tape or whatever conductive material you're using. The packaging tape acts as a seal so you can do multiple layers of writing in the same spot. Leave the ends of the tin foil or conductive material open enough to hook up a small alligator clip.

Step 5: Step 4:

Use a MaKey MaKey with wires with alligator clips to attach the MaKey MaKey to your circuitry.

Step 6: Step 5:

Attach your circuitry or writing to your controller underneath it to hide the circuitry.

Step 7: Making the Button

This next section is about making the buttons to hook up to the circuit.

Step 8: Step 1:

Draw a one inch square box on your cardboard controller surface where you want your button go.

Step 9: Step 2:

Put two holes inside the box on sides that are perpendicular to each other.

Step 10: Step 3:

Put a one inch piece of copper tape through each hole, leaving some hanging through the back side of the hole. Put one side through sticky-side up and the other through sticky-side down.

Step 11: Step 4:

Cut out a paper square that is slightly larger than the box you drew on the cardboard.

Step 12: Step 5:

Stick the paper square to the pice of copper tape that is stick-side up

Step 13: Step 6:

Then bend the paper slightly and use hot glue or staples to attach it over the top of the copper pieces making sure that the copper pieces aren't touching each other unless you push on the button.

Step 14: Step 7:

Attach the key-bound and earth wires from the MaKey MaKey (or your circuit board), one to each piece of tape.

Step 15: Step 8:

Connect your button and MaKey MaKey to your computer to test it in your program.

Step 16: Making the Themed Skin

This next section is about making the the skin which goes on the controller to theme it to your game.

Step 17: Step 1:

After you complete your buttons and box, measure out a large piece of paper from a roll. Make sure it's big enough to completely conniver the top of your controller.

Step 18: Step 2:

Design how you want your box to look color-wise.

Step 19: Step 3:

Paint the paper to match your design.

Step 20: Step 4:

Use paint dots around your buttons to create an outline on the back of your paper so you can cut out spaces for the buttons.

Step 21: Step 5:

Cut out spaces for the buttons.

Step 22: Step 6:

Attach your skin to your controller with hot glue. Make sure that you glue it well around the buttons and edges  to prevent tearing.

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    7 years ago

    @Electricprojects. It may be easier and look better, but it won't be made by him or teach him what he learned doing the project. Good jobCPCS.


    7 years ago

    Couldn't you just hack a Bluetooth pc keyboard? It would be easier and look better...


    8 years ago