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Introduction: Minecraft Creative Mode Ultimate TNT Cannon

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Show of hands how many people know how to build a regular old TNT Cannon, But Do you know how to build the most awesome TNT cannon ever Created. This TNT cannon can Go through a Stack of TNT in under 20 seconds and Fires multiple blocks of TNT at a Time. It is suggested that you use creative mode and obsidian to build this cannon due to the fact that it self destructs after it runs out of TNT, but hey its your choice. This cannon is best used in sky bases or on cliffs where the enemy is below to cannon. Now Down To business since you are most likly going to build this in creative mode i wont list out the parts needed because well you can just pop them out of the creative mode menu. Go Build this Cannon your self, Don't take my Word For it!

Warning: The Instructions are very specific about how to build this cannon. Do not try to substitute any of the Cannon as they are there for a reason. Failure to follow the instructions can lead to a faulty cannon or destroying everything previously built. This Cannon is LAG INTENSIVE do not try to build it if you think your computer cannot handle it. i Am not responsible if your computer crashes

Step 1: Sides

Place down 2 Lines of obsidian 4 long and 3 spaces apart from each other. Then place 2 obsidian on top of the four obsidian on the front side of the Cannon. It should loo Like This.

Step 2: The Inside

Place 3 Dispensers at the back of the cannon, make sure they are all facing the same way. Place Down 3 half slabs at the front of the of the Cannon. Place source water blocks in front of the dispensers. Next Place three more dispensers Above the running water Like So. behind the dispensers on the top place down more obsidian So it looks like this.

Step 3: Wiring Up the Redstone

Next up is Redstone Wiring. this has to be done carefully or you could set off the TNT cannon by accident. This has to go near the TNT cannon or the redstone signal will not reach the Cannon, But not close enough to set it off by accident. Place down 3 Blocks (i used Stone) next to each other, then make a T right next to the 3 blocks. break the bottom piece of the T and place redstone torches all along the bottom of the stone. Place redstone on the shelf. The redstone will start Blinking on and off at a high speed Like So. Build a second on of these close to the cannon as well.

Step 4: Firing

After you Have finished the second redstone machine Wire them up to the Cannon so one redstone machine fires one set of dispensers and the other fires another, but Do not Connect the Redstone wires to the cannon, it should look like this in the end. Fill all the dispensers with TNT UNTIL FULL as this cannon goes through TNT like no tomorrow. once all the Dispensers are filled the cannon is ready to fire. To fire connect the redstone in between the back redstone machine and the dispensers in the back of the TNT cannon. wait a few seconds and then connect the other Redstone Machine To the Front dispensers and run immediatly away cause the Ultimate TNT Cannon is about to fire. This Cannon is very Good For suppression Fire or Just Straight up and Blowing the socks of them. If you think you have a way to improve this cannon or maybe you have a Question you would like answered Drop me a comment(I LOVE it when you great guys comment and give me feedback about me projects). GO try this project yourself instead of taking my word for it. That's all for Today But Join US next Time Minecraft Fans

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    minecraft g0d2
    minecraft g0d2

    2 months ago

    i know the feeling every time i would take a screenshot an animal would be there so i would bring out my enchanted trident and finish the job and take another screen shot.XD.


    Tip 4 months ago on Step 4

    so what i did for it not to self destruct, is that first, since its in creative, i used bedrock, second, added a long barrel to it, so when the last tnt shot fires it will go into the barrel, far from the dispensers, and third, i built a massive wall so that if some tnt gets fired into my other builds, it hits the wall and explodes there

    Screenshot 2020-12-11 152955.pngn.png

    3 years ago

    mine blew it self up! :((


    5 years ago