Introduction: Minecraft Creeper Cell Phone Dock

Hi, I will be showing you guys how to make a Creeper from Minecraft to hold your phone in pixelated style.

1 bottle of wood glue
2 bags of 500 half inch cubes (link to website below) 
6 cans of spray paint (White, black, green, light green, dark green, and flat green)
You can use any paint you want but I find spray paint is the easiest way for this.

Step 1:

First go to here to order the cubes:

You will need to order 2 bags of 500 half inch cubes.

Step 2:

Separate the cubes into 6 piles for the spray paint. When spray painting the cubes spray it so that you paint 2 sides of the cube as in the picture. The back end should be the regular unpainted wood. Do this for each color. 

Step 3:

After the cubes have dried put a handful of black cubes off to the side and the rest of them into a plastic bag and mix them up thoroughly. The Creepers design is a random pattern of all the color cubes.

Step 4:

This is where you start to glue the cubes together. You can leave the inside hollow of the body and head. Make sure the paint is facing the outside. Glue the raw wooden parts together following the pattern I have in the pictures. Starting with the feet the build is 3 cubes by 3 cubes.

Step 5:

The fronts length is 3 cubes high by 8 cubes wide. On the bottom of the feet it has a pattern of Black/Green/Black/Green/Black/Green/Black/Green. The rest will be cubes of random colors.

Step 6:

From a side view: The body is 10 cubes high and 4 cubes wide. The head is 6 cubes wide and 7 cubes tall.

When building the head make sure the inside of the head/body is hollow. This will make sure you have room to make the holding spots for your phone.

Step 7:

From the front view: The body is 8 cubes wide and 10 cubes tall. The head is 8 cubes wide and 7 cubes tall.

When building the head pay attention to follow the pattern of his face. This is where you can use the black cubes that were held off to the side at the beginning of the project.

Step 8:

When finished with the head it will be time to make the holding spot inside the head. Depending on your phone it will differ slightly. Make two lines of cubes inside the head 1 cube deep. Then depending on your phone make 2 little towers that will support your phone up. You can now run a cord from under the body (why we built it hollow) and run the cord up to the head area and plug your phone in. 

Congratulations your Creeper Cell phone dock is done!

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