Minecraft Creeper Party Favor Bags



Introduction: Minecraft Creeper Party Favor Bags

What's a Minecraft Themed Birthday
without Party Favor Bags!?!?
I stepped across a couple of ideas,
using leftover items from My Balloon Instructable.
As well as another, faster inexpensive
Idea that CUT - - - ->- - - - my time in half with a more Professional Finish!

Step 1: SsSuplieSsS

1 roll of Black or Lime Green Duct tape

Pack of Black or Lime Green Party favor bags

Minecraft Creeper stickers

Straight Edge



Step 2: Draw or Sticker

If you have the time & helping hands consider on bonding with the kids.
-Using your Pen/pencil & Straight edge Draw the Creeper Face onto the Favor Bags
-Unroll Duct tape, CUT- - -> pieces to fit in the Creeper Face

If we're Pressing for Time & its the Last Minute
Decorations, Grab some stickers!
- Unstick & evenly place sticker onto Favor bag
-Simply Done

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