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Introduction: Minecraft Crossed Swords

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Minecraft crossed sword wall art.

Not a difficult project but it is a bit time consuming.

Step 1: Bits & Bobs - Tools & Stuff


18mm Ply 16" x 21"

Picture Hanger



Mouse Sander

Drill with 10mm Wood Bit

Large Framing Square

Black Spray Paint

Coloured Acrylic Paints

Step 2: Marking Out and Cutting

Using a large framing square for ease, mark out a 1" grid 16 squares by 22 squares.

I then used the minecraft picture to mark out the outline of the crossed swords.

Drill 10mm holes in all the difficult to cut places such as near the sword hilts and all other cut out area that have 3 sides to them.( sorry forgot picture so have marked them as comments on the cut out image)

Using a jigsaw with a clean cut blade, cut around the marked out swords.

Once cut sand any rough edges.

Step 3: Painting

The back and sides are spray painted black and left to dry.

Then using the sword guide, I painted one sword as diamond and one as Iron.

Once dry I gave it a coat of spray varnish.

Finally fix a picture hanger to the back.

Hang on the wall and enjoy.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Whoa, that's some serious cutting with the jigsaw. Excellent project!

    Loads of patience, you must have! (Read that in Yoda voice.)