Minecraft Custom Mobs for Vanilla Part 1

Introduction: Minecraft Custom Mobs for Vanilla Part 1

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Hello everyone! Gammerguy here or thePYROhobo in minecraft I'm here to show you how to make your own custom mobs using command blocks. This instructable is a multi-part instructable and I will be adding more command block fun later. I can't tell you enough that this takes awhile with some trial and error but the results are sometimes really good. When you learn commands you can also make projectiles,special abilities, wands, clones, nuke tnt and much more. Now without further ado lets make some custom mobs!

Step 1: Command Blocks!

Unfortunately some of the commands we will be using are too big for chat commands so we will need to get a block called the Command Block. The Command Block, unlike most blocks this block cannot be found in the creative mode inventory and cannot be crafted (or at least not to my knowledge) so you will need to use the command /give [your minecraft username] 137 the command you are saying is "Give this entity with this name this block with this id number." if you do it right then you will receive an orange block somewhere in your inventory called a Command Block.

When you place down a Command Block and right-click you should see a darkened screen with a couple of things on it. First you should look for the Console Command. It will look like a wide box, when you click on it you will be able to type in it.

Step 2: Spawn in a Mob Staring Joe the Skeleton /w Brother

In order to spawn in a mob using a command block you must use this command

/summon [the mob you want] ~ ~ ~

for example

/summon zombie


/summon skeleton

in this case I will be using the skeleton

when you spawn one in you will notice that it looks normal...kinda lame...needs some flare right? Let's add some gear:

/summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {Equipment:[{id:397},{id:301},{id:300},{id:299},{id:298}]}

There, we've given the guy a Skeleton head, and leather armour. What? You don't follow? Lemme explain

:'Equipment:' is a tag known as a 'Compound' tag - it allows you to wrap other tags within it, for it to use. In the case of the 'Equipment:[]' tag, you specify tags for the 'id:' tags within it, and list them by separating with commas.

NOTICE!!: In these commands you must make sure that equipment and skeleton are capitalized.

The order goes:
Hand; Boots, Legs, Chest, Head so the first slot is for them to hold, and the rest is for the armour, starting with the boots.

Step 3: Drop Chances

So, turns out DropChances had been working since 13w39a+, but people hadn't firgure'd out the particular way to do them; thankfully, someone pointed it out (see below), so all these floods of 'how do I do dropchances!?' can now be answered.

Basically in order to make your mob drop something you will need to add to your 'equipment' tag. I am going to use a skeleton head again just for the sake of skeleton heads. Start off by separating the two tags with a comma then type "count:1" without the quotation marks like so. Then end the id tag.

/summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {Equipment:[{id:397, count:1}]

Next you will start a new compound tag called "DropChances" after the 'Equipment' tag like this

/summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {Equipment:[{id:397, count:1}],DropChance:[1.0f]}

The f in this command is required and mustn't be capitalized.

Spawn your mob in by pressing a button of lever of pressure plate then unalive it with what ever and if you did it right then it should drop whatever was in its hand. I don't know how to make it drop other stuff thats not in its hand yet so please don't ask. If you do know, however, I would love to hear it in the comments. I will finish making my part two for this some time later.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, dude that's cool! Its much easier thanks for sharing man!


    5 years ago

    i feel like this didnt help me very much, and that this isnt for ppl as advanced at mc as me. for noobs, though, this would be helpful!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yeah some people already know this, it is mainly for newer players or for people who just got curious all of a sudden. That's what happened to me. I can post more advanced stuff if you like but it'll take me a bit longer. It probably would show stuff that most multiplayer servers would show.


    6 years ago

    Very helpful, unlike any other Minecraft instructable I've seen. Nice work


    7 years ago on Introduction

    U could use this for allot of things. Nice