Introduction: Minecraft Diamond Ore Lamp (3D Print)

On one afternoon I was bored and wanted to create something, I remembered the minecraft lamps I had seen last week and decided to create my own.

I went to Sketchup and started creating the file, from an image I created the holes pattern and assembled the 6 faces together.

Done !! I had created my own minecraft diamond ore.

At this time I did not have access to a 3D printer so I put the file on thingiverse :

And it was the start of a wonderful adventure, there was multiple makes by Tailor3d (thumbnail), matt448, sety, jrokusekj, JD86, rileybeebs, godzoutcast, claude9777, CM_Via and appleslice.

There was even an article about my project and thingiverse itself tweeted about me :D


Tailor3d made I_Am_Me's Minecraft Diamond Ore Lamp.

— Thingiverse (@thingiverse) 28 mai 2015

Step 1: Print the Files

First of all you will need to print the case. There are 3 files, one with the box and lid, one with only the box and one with only the lid.

0.2mm layers seems to work just fine, you might want to add supports for the holes, be sure that your bed has good adhesion because you don't want this print to warp. The printing should be around 6 hours long.

If you don't own a 3D printer check out 3D Hubs and get this design printed and shipped to you.

Step 2: Post-printing

Once the print is finished you can choose to sand or polish the outer for a more smooth look but some peoples like the layers look because it reminds them of minecraft.

Then you need to make the diffuser panels so that the light is evenly distributed. You can use some sanded plexiglass or parchment paper, you just need to cut 5 squares to fit in the inside of the lamp.

Step 3: Let There Be Light.

It is now time to add light to your lamp.

You can use standalone LEDs, an LED ring, an arduino controlled light cycle or anything else you could think of.

I used a blue LED candle because it was easy and efficient but some got into Bluetooth controlled LEDs or some other amazing stuff.

Step 4: Thank You and Credit

Thank you for reading, if you liked this Instructable please vote for me in the 3D printing contest.

If you want to go further please read

I would like to thank everyone who created my design

Thumbnail and printing pictures are from Tailor3d

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any question or if you think it could improve this Instructable.

If you make this please post an "I made one" on thingiverse

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