Minecraft Disco Floor

Introduction: Minecraft Disco Floor

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This is a really cool idea it is possible to do in survival but it would be really hard. I did it in creative for this instructable. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need for the size I made is
78 Redstone lamps
78 wooden of stone pressure plates
(in creative) 1 spawn egg for the creature you picked. I picked silverfish you can also do chickens ocelots or pigs.

Step 2: First You.....

Place the pressure plates in a rectangle that is 8x10 you should no longer have any pressure plates left. Now place the Redstone lamps on top of the pressure plates.

Step 3:

Now put a edge around it in any block you choose. I picked quarts because I like how it looks.

Step 4: The Blinking Lights

How I made the lights blink was I then broke 1 of the Redstone lamps and started to spawn a bunch of silverfish in there then replaced the lamp. The lamps should now blink randomly.

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11 months ago

I made the whole thing... Redstone powered! :D


7 years ago on Introduction

What you could do is have tamed wolf so it follow you causing the disco floor to act like a spotlight.


Reply 2 years ago

amazing comment

Very Cool! but your pictures are a little blurry. Here's a tip! If you are using Minecraft for the PC then you can press F2 on your computer to take a screenshot, but if you are using PE verson of Minecraft then you can take a screen shot by pressing the power button and the home button at the same time. I hope that helps in the future. :)


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

I have never used the Minecraft Xbox edition so I don't know how to use it >_<