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In Minecraft, to finish the game you have to fight the final boss (I am not saying what the boss is). To get to the boss you have to go through a portal, That portal is called the end portal! When I saw the end portal I thought to myself "Wouldn't it be cool if it was real." Well, now it is!! With this Minecraft End Portal Infinity Mirror, people will always know you are a fan of Minecraft!

Step 1: Materials, Materials, Materials!

For this instructable you will need:

Purple LED Strip,

A Square Frame,

A Mirror,

And last a One or Two Way Mirror Strip.

Step 2: Cleaning

First we took the glass out of the frame and cleaned it thoroughly. We cleaned the glass with a screen cleaner for devices. That worked fine.

Step 3: Putting on the One Way Sheet on the Glass

After the glass is clean, we put on the sheet. To put it on we pealed the plastic off and sprayed the glass with water. Then we slowly put on the the sheet. When the sheet is done try and take the the air bubbles out. To take the bubbles out we used a spatula but I would recommend you to use something else. And the one way mirror is done!

Step 4: LED's

So when the mirror is done take the frame and make a rectangular hole on one side. Then start putting the LED's around the frame, put the extra LED through the gap in the frame and we will cover it up later.. When the LED are on, your ready to put the last thing in.

Step 5: The Mirror

To attach the mirror, take the card board from the frame and fit it on the mirror. the put it on the back with hot glue gun. The Infinity Mirror is done!!

Step 6: Decoration!!

To decorate it print this file twelve times with a color printer and when done put cardboard around it to make it sturdy. Then stick it on the frame.

Step 7: Ta Da

Your end portal is ready!! This is a simple fun project for everyone.

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