Minecraft Fancy Fountain

Introduction: Minecraft Fancy Fountain

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This is a fountain that turns on and off with the click of the button it looks really nice and it would look really nice in front of a mansion. in one of my survival world's I made it and it looked really nice. You can use it with lava or water. I hope you enjoy this instructable.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need is
5 Redstone torches
1 water (or lava bucket)
12 Redstone
1 stone (or wood) button
48 blocks (I used quarts I suggest a white block for looks)
1 dispenser
5 glowstone

Step 2: Dig Down

Dig straight down 3 blocks then dig straight forward 11 blocks length then still going straight make a staircase out of the tunnel you just made.

Step 3: Redstone

Now at one end of the tunnel the one without the staircase place 1 block on the ground and place a redstone torch on it then place redstone dust on the ground of the tunnel leading from the torch to halfway up the staircase. Then place a block over the last redstone dust you placed. Then block up the the hole next to it and place a button on that white block you just placed

Step 4: More Redstone

Now go back to where you placed the redstone torch place a block over it then (following the pictures) and a redstone torch over it (the redstone torch should turn off) Now (following the pictures) place another block and redstone torch on top then repeat that step twice more. Then put a dispenser pointing up on top of it all.

Step 5: Pretty It Up

Now surround the dispenser and the redstone torches in the block you chose. Now place a block of glowstone on each corner and one 2 blocks above the dispenser. Then put a water bucket (or lava) in the dispenser. And put on the edges on the ground so the water (or lava) does not go everywhere (like in picture three) .

Step 6: How It Works

So how it works is you push the button and the redstone signal goes to the the dispenser and sets it off and the water or lava goes down the sides. It is really beautiful. I hope you enjoyed this if you did check out some of my others. & don't forget to vote

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