Introduction: Minecraft Fighter

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An awesome fighter!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need:block of iron,spawn chicken,nether reactor core,glass,lava and glass pane.

Step 2: Build a Tower

This is for the fighter to be on the air!

Step 3: One Block

This is part of the plane!

Step 4: Build the Body

The body is a 9 by 3 and add a block for the front.

Step 5: Control

This is where the pilot will be add a nether reactor core and then some glass like in the picture.

Step 6: Continue Building

Add an extra layer and one line of blocks like shown.

Step 7: Front Wings

Build the wings! The wings are 2 blocks of width and 6 blocks large then add an extra layer at the end.

Step 8: Back Wings

Build the back wings 2 blocks of width and 4 blocks long remove one block like in the picture.

Step 9: Top Wings

Place 2 more blocks on each side like in the picture.

Step 10: Top Wings 2

Build this boomerang thing like in the picture.

Step 11: Boost

build kinda a box and add lava inside.

Step 12: Hardest Part

This part in hard so we will do it step by step first place to glass plane below the top wings.

Step 13: Hardest Part2

Break the first block you placed.

Step 14: Hardest Part3

Place some glass pane on the top part of the boomerang look alike.

Step 15: Hardest Part4

And another glass pane on the other one.

Step 16: Hardest Part5

Add another glass pane on the one you placed.

Step 17: Hardest Part6

Add another glass pane but this time on the side facing in.

Step 18: Hardest Part7

Place one more glass pane and close it.

Step 19: Hardest Part 8

Place 1 more glass panes so that it touches the top wings.

Step 20: Hardest Part 9

Break the glass panes way at the back.

Step 21: Hardest Part10

Add lava inside.

Step 22: Add the Pilot!

Add the pilot in the glass at the front.

Step 23: Missiles

First TNT then glowstone then gold block and glass pane build them on the wings!

Step 24: Done

Hope you liked it.