Introduction: Minecraft Fireworks!

Ever wanted to have a firework show, but Mom always tells you no? Well, when it comes to Minecraft, you can! Are you ready? Let's make some fireworks!

Step 1: Making Firework Stars

To make a firework, you need a firework star! Sadly, you can only craft these, but that means you get to customize them! You will need a gunpowder and a dye to make one. If you want a big ball, add a fire charge. If you want a star, add a gold nugget. If you want a creeper face, add any mob head. If you want a tail, add glowstone dust. You can have up to three of these in a rocket.

Step 2: Making a Rocket!

Combine your firework stars in the top slots. Add 1, 2, or 3 gunpowders to determine height. The last thing you'll need is a nether star. They are useful! This will make a firework rocket!!!


Right click any block with your firework rocket to launch it! You can also fire them from dispensers! HAVE FUN!!!