Introduction: Minecraft Fishing Rod Cat Toy - Adjustable "line" Length!

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So I was trying to come up with an epic cat toy, I couldn't come up with one for quite a while, and then it hit me. A minecraft fishing rod that's a acat toy! And it seemed like quite the epic idea, so I made it.

It even has an adjustable length of the line just like a normal fishing rod. Which is pretty neat.

And here are my answers for the Youth contest. (TUTORIAL STARTS ON NEXT PAGE)

What did you make?

Well, the first part to that answer is above, and the materials I used were basically cardboard, scissors, paint, tape, glue,  paper, printer, and string.

How did you make it?

Again, part of this is explaned above, but I didn't work with anyone else, (I've tried, I don't trust my friends with my projects :) ) And I just thought about it for a couple of weeks before I started, so not much changed.

Where did you make it?

At home, and I love to build things, especially stuff that ties different things together to make something unique, such as minecraft and a cat toy.

What did you learn?

I learned quite a bit about painting and cutting the shape of the rod out. After sketching out the shape of the rod, I used some new scissors that made cutting the "pixels" really easy and smooth. Also I tried using painting tape for the first time. And I must say, it made it turn out great. There was one challenge, and that was that my super glue wouldn't quite hold some pieces together. If I could do anything different, it would probably be to get some stronger glue that's in a big quantity.

So there you go, hope you like it.   ;)

Step 1: Materials

Sorry I don't have a picture for this step, this 'ible is do in about an hour and I have school tommorrow...


Fishing Rod and Fish Pictures
Exacto Knife
Cardboard Scissors
Super Glue
Duct Tape
Painting Tape
Quite a bit of time

Step 2: Get Your Templates

Really easy, simply look up minecraft fishing rod and minecraft fish

Print one copy of the rod and to of the fish ( One should be flipped and have them be about 3.5" by 3.5")

Sorry no exact pictures, but they should look like these.

Step 3: Sketch and Cut Out Your Fishing Rod

Your gonna need two pieces of card board in the fishing rod shape so now that you have a general template to follow, sketch it out on a big piece of card board. Each of my square "pixels" were about 1.75" by 1.75". Just use your ruler and pen and make one box at a time (Or I just made the outline) Then once you have one, cut it out and you can just trace it again, and then cut it out againg.

Step 4: Making the Fish

Cut out the fish that you printed earlier and glue one to a piece of cardboard. Now simply cut around that fish, and when you done, glue the other fish on the back. Simple right?

Step 5: Making the Winding "mechanism"


Now listen carefully, your going to need to cut out three circles that will be about 2.5" in diameter (as long as they fit in that 2 by 2 box on the bottom of the rod) and 2 square about .5" bigger on each side. glue all three circles together and then glue one . square to one side. now put a strip of tape or smooth cardboard around the 3 circles (So they can turn easily). Cut out slightly bigger circles in your fishing rods where you want the "turner" (or whatever, I'm tired) to be then slide in the circles and one square. Now get a good length of string and tape it to the circles, and tape or tie it to the fish (ALSO, put little pieces of cardboard along the edges so the two rod pieces won't collapse. Now put the string so it will come out of the top, and glue or tape the other cardboard rod piece on. And last but not least, glue or tape the other square on the circles.

Step 6: Paint

Now all you have to do is paint. Pretty self explanetory, get some painters tape and paint, and just do something like every other square like you see below.

Step 7: Finished!

There you go, all done. Pretty easy right? (Only joking...) Now you get to finally play with your cat!!! (As you can see, mine works ;) )

Anyway, if you liked this instructable, please comment, favorite, AND VOTE!!!

I haven't won a contest yet and this could be the one! So it would help a lot to know that people like what I made.

Thanks guys

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