Minecraft Furniture 7

Introduction: Minecraft Furniture 7

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Sup! I finally made a new instructuble! The last one i made was March 1st! Hope you like it and have fun! ;)

Step 1: Crib

Difficulty: Easy


2 pink wool
6 fence gates
8 fences
1 white carpet

Step 2: Place the Pink Wool

NOTE: DON'T place it touching the wall or else there will be no space for the fence gates!

Step 3: Place the Carpet

Step 4: Add the Fences

Step 5: Add the Gates

Step 6: Done With the Crib!

Step 7: Fancy Bookcase

Difficulty: Easy/Medium


6 bookshelves
6 oak stairs
4 oak slabs

Step 8: Place the Bookshelves

Step 9: Place the Stairs

Step 10: Place the Slabs

Step 11: You Are Done With the Fancy Bookcase

Step 12: Study Desk

Difficulty: Easy


3 Spruce logs
2 signs
1 oak stair

Step 13: Place the Logs

Step 14: Place the Signs

NOTE: place them in both sides

Step 15: Place the Stair

This will be the chair

Step 16: You Are Done With the Study Desk!

Step 17: Pool Table

Difficulty: Easy


15 green stained clay
6 black wool carpet
16 trapdoors

Step 18: Place the Green Stained Clay

It is a 5x3 rectangle

Step 19: Place the Carpet

Step 20: Put the Trapdoors!

Step 21: You Are Done!

Step 22: Like, Comment, Follow!

Thank you so much for seeing this instructable! Make sure to leave a like, and a comment for what to do next! And also comment which one is your fave AND follow! :)


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    5 years ago

    thank u I have been looking for a nice bookcase

    Jeph Diel
    Jeph Diel

    7 years ago

    Favorite is pool table