Introduction: Minecraft Hovercraft!

I was fooling around on minecraft and I made this hope you like it

Step 1: Materials and Empty Spot

So the first materials are coal block, stone, coweb, red carpet, red wool and glass. Make sure you find an empty spot (land water ITS A HOVERCRAFT)

Step 2: Body

Make a 8x5 rectangle

Step 3: Remove

Remove the corners of the back

Step 4: Make Fans

Put a stone on the empty corners and a cobweb on top of that and make the shape above with the stone

Step 5: Carpets

Place carpets as showed

Step 6: Wool

Place also the wool

Step 7: Now the Glass

Place glass as showed


place carpets on top of glass

Step 9: Change of Materials

Equip the following



Nether reactor core

Brown carpet

Step 10: Place

Place the nether reactor as showed and place the carpet on top

Step 11: Moar Stuff

Place the trapdoor on the nether reactor and the stair beside it

Step 12: Don't Forget

Don't forget to close the trapdoor

Step 13: DONE!

That's it thank you for reading this and remember there's more to come