Minecraft How-To: House Series 1

Introduction: Minecraft How-To: House Series 1

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Welcome to the first series of Minecraft How To: House. Today I will show you how to build a house in Minecraft. I was in the Lite version of Minecraft PE so don't tell me this is not nice. This is my first Instructable, hope you enjoy. :) If you are looking for this, this can be found under Play->Video Games.

Step 1: The Simple House

For this you will need 45 wooden planks, 32 cobblestone, 8 torches, 1 cobblestone stairs, 1 wooden door and 3 glass or Panes. First, place planks in a 5x5 pattern with the inside also with planks. Second, place 3 cobblestone on the corners. Place the stairs in the middle. Third, place planks two high beside the cobblestone. And in the middle. Do this on all sides. Then cover the top with three wooden planks. Do this on all sides, again. Fourth, place a wooden door on a side. Put it in the middle. Fifth, cover the top of the planks with cobblestone. Do this on all sides. Finally, make the roof. Make a 3x3 pattern using cobblestone with a hole in the middle. Fill the hole with a wooden plank. OPTIONAL STEPS: Put torches inside the house ande put glass. Now you can add things inside your new house.

Step 2: ENJOY!!!!

My only thing to say is ENJOY! Favorite, and if you comment a problem, I will answer you as fast as I can. Watch out for more Instructables, Updates and more by Bungoy601.

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