Introduction: Minecraft How To: Mazes

In this tutorial, I'll be teaching you how to make mazes in Minecraft.

Step 1: Blocks

The blocks I suggest for the hedges are green wool, lime wool, oak leaves, birch leaves, spruce leaves, and jungle leaves. Entrance and exit will be made of ether oak wood, birch wood, spruce wood, or jungle wood.

Step 2: Build the Entrance

To build the entrance, make a seven (or whatever size you want) stack of the wood you chose, then do the same four blocks over. Next place three blocks across to connect them. Then place a block under each of the three you just placed. After that you will delete the top row of wood blocks. Finally, place the hedge block you chose around the entrance.

Step 3: Map It Out (optional)

This step is optional, you can take graph paper, and with a pencil and a ruler, map out your maze.

Step 4: Get Building!!!

Now use your head or your paper to make your maze.

Step 5: Make More

Now you can make more mazes with traps or whatever you want, just make it possible to get to the end without flying.