Minecraft How To's: Pokemon Sprites/Pixel Art

Introduction: Minecraft How To's: Pokemon Sprites/Pixel Art

Heyo, and welome to these how to's on pokemon sprites! Right now the only sprites I've made are Gardevoir, Bulbasaur, mini Lucario, mini Mew and Pikachu. However, I will be updating as I make more, so, let's get started!

( This is not a photo gallery, these are instructions with patterns.)

Step 1: Gardevoir

To start, you will need black, grey, white, lime, green and red wool blocks. I'm not listing the amounts because I know the majority, or all who are going to make any of these will do it in creative mode. Here's the pixel pattern for it. I suggest doing it row by row of pixels, but you can do it however your preferences are.

Step 2: Bulbasaur

For Bulbasaur, you will need light blue, cyan, black, lime, green, white and red wool blocks.

Step 3: Pikachu

For Pikachu, you will need brown, black, red, white and yellow wool blocks. If you wanted to do a female pikachu, you could use this pattern at the end of the tail.

Step 4: Mini Lucario

For Mini Lucario, you will need black, blue, red, yellow, white and grey wool blocks.

Step 5: Mini Mew

Lastly, for mini Mew you will need pink, magenta, blue, light blue, black and white wool blocks.

Step 6: That's All for Now, Folks!

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope this gives you some inspiration of your own. These aren't original, but this is to help you make some pixel art of your own! Bye and a huge thanks to the voters who voted for me!!!!!!!

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6 years ago

Awesome job! I realy love the Mew sprite you've made!


6 years ago

Nice! They look adorable, and they are very similar to the real Pokemon sprite.