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Introduction: Minecraft Ice Skating Rink

Hey Y'all. Thanks for checking my instructables out! :) Feel free to leave a comment, for any sugge…

Hey guys! Haven't seen you in a long time! I'm on spring break for a week so I'll be making a lot of instructables! :) This one is to make a super easy ice skating rink. I hope you like it and have fun!

Step 1: Base

Make sure it's big, but not too too big! I used cyan stained clay.

Step 2: Fill It Up!

Step 3: Make the Hole

Make sure there are little spaces on the sides!

Step 4: Fill in With Ice

Step 5: Put Red Stained Clay on the Sides

Step 6: Put Glass Panes on Top of the Clay

Step 7: Dig in the Outer Side

Step 8: Fill in With White Stained Clay

Step 9: Make an Opening for the Rink

Step 10: Make the Ticket Booth Thing

Step 11: Make the Roof

Step 12: Lights

Step 13: Add Villagers

You don't want your rink to be empty!

Step 14: You're Done

Thanks for viewing this instructable and had a fun time making it! Also leave a like if you really liked it and comment what I should do next. I also got minecraft on the Computer so I might make some instructubles for it! Also make sure to follow because I hope I get 30 followers by the end of April.

Happy Easter! :D

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! can I copy the colours too? or if it's wrong I wont do it............


    7 years ago

    I liked the 22 picture it was cute and funny in ur instructable