Introduction: Minecraft: Item Duplication Creation

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In the spirit of trying new and different things, This is my first venture into making a Minecraft Instructable.


I didn't create this process, I learned it from a friend. I just know it works great so I wanted to share it.

In order for the duplication process to work the world has to be on peaceful mode. I don't know why .. It just does.


So you have a Survival world in Minecraft that you love to play on.

A world that you want to keep a survival world.

A world that you want more resources on.

Maybe it is a legacy map that you ported over from a previous generation console that is limited to a single 1024x1024 map.

Maybe it is a world where you finally crafted your perfect set of gear and you want to make sure you have spares in case a piece breaks.

Maybe you like making things out of leather but you don't want to kill the animals.

Maybe you just want to finish building your dream home instead of spending countless hours digging tunnels looking for that ore that will accent the furniture perfectly and really tie the room together.

Whatever the reason, you need access to more resources than what you have. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!?

NO! .. you don't shoot the hostage! ... this isn't some silly Hollywood movie.

I'll tell you what you do ..

You clone items, just like the mad scientist you always wanted to be when you grow up.

What do you mean not everyone wants to grow up to be a mad scientist and conquer the world? ... What do you mean it's just me?

Of course I took my pills .... What do you mean candy doesn't count? Since when are tic-tacs not the same thing as medication?

What is that big laser behind you warming up for?


OK ... moving on ...

Step 1: Zone

OK. You have to find at least one sample of the item(s) you want to duplicate. This a survival world after all. Once you have that out of the way you can get ready to mass produce stuff on a level that would make China blush.

1) Build a portal to the nether. I like to have mine in or near my main base.

2) Construct a room to house your duplicators. I usually make a 8x20 room. I like to do this on peaceful because my nether always seems to have an overabundance of ghasts.

Step 2: Build It

For each Duplicator you will need:

2 hoppers

1 redstone comparator

To make a hopper you need:

5 iron ingots

1 chest

To make a redstone comparator you need:

3 redstone torches

3 stone

1 nether quartz

To assemble the duplicator you will need to place a temporary block down and then crouch (not sure how to do it on other consoles, but on Xbox you just press right stick to toggle crouch) so that when you place the hopper against the block it points into the block instead of straight down.

Remove the temporary block and using the same crouched method, place the second hopper so it faces into the first hopper.

Jump up onto the hoppers and place a comparator down so it is facing away from the hoppers. The side of the comparator with 2 torches should be closest to the hoppers.

When a single item is placed into the hoppers the comparator will blink as the item is passed back and forth between the two hoppers.

If more than one item is in the hoppers the light will be solid.

Step 3: Clone

Now make a bunch more. I usually make 15 on each side of the room for a total of 30 duplicators.

If you don't have enough materials to make all 30 at once don't worry .. make a few and start duplicating parts to make more :)

This process works on a combination of item movement and game lag to produce results so the more lag you can generate the better this will work.

Remember: In order for the duplication process to work the world has to be on peaceful mode.

Take the items you want to clone, in this case I am using diamond blocks. Place one into each duplicator. I find it is easier if I put the items individually into my inventory before filling the duplicators.

Once you have all the duplicator filled up your room should look like a deranged Christmas tree .. blinking lights .. soo many blinking lights.

Zone back and forth between the nether and the surface world several times. Each time you should notice a few more of the lights staying solidly lit instead of blinking. Remember that this works on producing lag in the game so every once in a while the game will crash. To avoid having to start over from the beginning I will save the game after zoning a few times.

Usually if you go back and forth 5 or 6 times most of the duplicators will be solidly lit. If a few are still blinking don't worry about it.

Step 4: Profit

When it is time to empty the duplicators, select the hopper inventory and spam the Y button (Xbox) to collect all of the items. The reason you want to spam the button is that It may only show 2 or 3 items in the hopper, but you may get 5 or 6 by the time the hopper is actually empty.

I started with 30 diamond blocks, one in each duplicator.

The first duplicator I emptied gave me 2 diamond blocks.

By the time I emptied all the duplicators I had 93 diamond blocks

Not bad for a few minutes of game time.

I like to keep a few chests in the duplicator room that just have the materials I want to clone stored in them. I keep this inventory separate from the rest of my materials so it doesn't get used accidentally. If I run out of something in my storeroom in my base I just need a quick trip to my duplicators to restock.

*Pro tip* always combine base materials into blocks, it will reduce space needed for storage,and since the combination process can be easily reversed every block you clone is like cloning 9 base materials.

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