Minecraft LED Nightlight Lamp

Introduction: Minecraft LED Nightlight Lamp

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Finished painting pixels on outside of Acrylic cube.

Step 1:

Test lighting of LED's with 12 volt power source.

Step 2:

finished working prototype for all the Minecraft fanatics.

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    4 years ago

    yes sorry new to instructables. I started with colored acrylic sheet. I had it cut for me to size. assembled it with plastic glue meant for acrylic or styrene. I used a square to hold the sides up while they set. I used super bright red LEDs. connected my electronic. the top was last to be glued, u want to wait to test all internal parts first. then I painted the pixels with a template and air brushed with enamel paint.

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    Awesome lamp. Could you share a little more about how you made it?