Minecraft Lighted Beacon Room

Introduction: Minecraft Lighted Beacon Room

As my first try at an instructable, this is a tutorial on how to make a beacon room with a lighted beacon.

Step 1: First Layer

Find a space big enough to build this structure. The sides have five blocks. You may use any block you wish.

Step 2: Layers 2-4

Build the first layer until you have built a total of 4 blocks. Choose what side you want to have as the front and remove blocks for the door and add steps

Step 3: Layer 5

Begin to build outward from the previous blocks. If built correctly, none of the blocks will be stacked directly on top of each other. Add your floor and leave the center block missing. This will help you later on.

Step 4: Layers 6-8

Repeat the same process as the last step and continue to build outward and up 3 more blocks.

Step 5: Layers 8-10

Build the next two layers directly on top of each other for a total of three layers stacked in a row.

Step 6: Layers 11-13

Begin to stack the blocks towards the center the same way as you built outward. this will eventually form a roof. Keep building Layers being sure to not directly stack the blocks

Step 7: Layers 13-18

Keep building the roof until you reach layer 16. Layers 17 and 18 will be complete squares. also, place a block of glass in the center of layer 18. The outside structure should be complete now. Go Inside the building and look up to see if it matches my picture. The hole in the floor should be in line with the hole in the roof.

Step 8: Beacon Construction 1

using the hole in the floor as a center, dig a 5x5 square two blocks below the floor. fill the outer ring with diamond blocks. There only has to be one layer of diamond here.

Step 9: Beacon Construction 2

fill in the bottom 3x3 layer with diamond and add another layer. Place your floor but leave the center block still out.

Step 10: Attach Beacon

Place a Beacon on top of the diamond block in the center. If you Beacon does not light up make sure that glass block in the roof directly lines up with it and the Beacon tower is built correctly. Be sure to add a door.

Step 11: Finished

Now you have a Beacon tower that is visually pleasing, especially from the inside. You may play around with the lighting Inside to cast different shadows. If you like this instrucable be sure to vote for me in the Minecraft Challenge.

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