Introduction: Minecraft Make Your Own Void World! *Obsolete RIP*

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Hey guys! I bet some of you guys wanted a void world once. This instructable is for the people who don't know how to make one. When I figured it out I was surprised I didn't think of it earlier, it's very easy but you will need a computer that doesn't crash easily. Lets get to it!

Step 1: Super Flat World

Okay so to do this go to your minecraft home screen create a new creative world and name it anything at all. Making this creative is important or you cant get any blocks. I named mine "Void World" just for the sake of being boring. Then make the world a superflat and remove the villages but turn on game cheats. Please remember this will most likely crash your computer or lag it a lot! I have a very nice computer that doesn't lag often but when I did this it nearly crashed my computer. It is not my fault if your minecraft crashes.

Step 2: Slightly-more-complicated-step

This step is slightly more complicated. Underneath superflat you will see a button called customize. Click on customize and that will bring you to a screen that says "Superflat Customization" and you will see three layers to your superflat world. Delete two of them, then click on presets. At the top of the screen, you will see something that says "Want to share your preset with someone? Use this box below!" click on the box below and find the two words, find the words "Dirt" and "Villages". Then, delete the word "Villages" this will stop villages from spawning in your world; delete the word "Dirt" but replace it with the word sand. If you look at the beginning of the box you will see two numbers that look like this:


If it looks like this then great! You only have to delete the two and replace it with a one and your done!

Step 3:

Place a block for you to stand on, if your world doesn't start to fall then delete one of the sand blocks. STAND ON YOUR BLOCK WHILE DOING THIS OR YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!! and I wouldn't want you guys to die. Basically the only step after this is lag or crash.

Step 4: Void, Void and More Void

I hope you guys liked this instructable! My computer finished with the lag so that was great. I hope you guys have a great New Year! Check out some of my other instructables I also recommend checking out zews' and MinecraftFreak's instructables if you want to. They do a great job.