Minecraft: Miners' Death Trap

Introduction: Minecraft: Miners' Death Trap

Hello everyone and welcome to my first instructible! Your support and goodness is very appreciated. In this instructibles, I will be giving instructions teaching you how to build a death trap for miners, it will be simple and will only need a little knowledge on redstoning. This trap will kill the player by lava who will be mining the diamond ore. Building this wouldn't take up most of your time (about 5-9 mins.).Let's begin!

★You will need:

•A large space with 1 Diamond Ore

•5 Redstone Dust

•1 Redstone Torch

•5 Piston (Ordinary/Normal)

•20 Gravel

•15 Signs

•20 Lava Buckets (Max)

•At least 9 Ladders

Now that we've got the items ready, let's start building!

Step 1: Finding the Place

Find either a cave to mine or just start your own mine, keep mining until you find a Diamond Ore.

Now that you've found yourself a diamond ore, let's proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Making the Space

Now, make a 6x5x3 space around the diamond ore with the diamond ore on the space give in the pic above. Please keep your pickaxe as you still have to break more blocks.

Step 3: Redstoning

Next, break 4 blocks just like the picture shown above and place 5 redstone dust on the back of the diamond ore and place a redstone torch at the back of the diamond ore. The redstone dusts will then light up.

After that, you'll then have to place 5 pistons in front of the redstone dust just like the one shown in the picture above. Then, block it again with stone. The activated redstone dust should activate them, if not, don't worry! We'll move on to the next step that may solve it!

Step 4: Making "The Death Pit"

Now, dig down 5x4x10 as shown in the picture above. Then, place 10 easy-to-break blocks such as dirt at the bottom of the pit. Next, place the 10 Lava Buckets on every easy-to-break blocks and break the blocks that is under the lava (This means leave 1 block under the place that you've put the lava)

In survival mode, you may wanna use the ladders to get back up, you also have to destroy the ladders as you go up otherwise the miners' will get back up and get you!

Step 5: Finishing of the Death Trap

Place a sign on each piston like the pic shown above. Then, place 2 more sign on the previously placed signs on each piston. Next, place the 20 gravel starting form the edge of the surface of the pit, it should look like the pic above in the end. Now you've just gotta cover the redstones to not make it look too obvious (use some gravel to make it eve more less obvious). You may also want to add more gravel near the trap to make it blend in. Now, wait for a Player/Miner to come and let him mine the ore to give him a nightmare he'll never forget!

Thanks again for coming to my instructables! Please share this if you
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    6 years ago

    I love this trap! Only thing is that im not the guy who wastes the people's stuff i would use hoppers to collect the stuff! 《:)》


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Amazing! Uses a very little amount of redstone and is able to be built in survival mode easily. Nice 'ible.