Introduction: Minecraft: Modding in 30 Seconds

This is a really simple way to mod the popular Open-World Sandbox game Minecraft in under a minute. It isn't long, it isn't hard, and all you need is to click a few buttons. This method is completely safe, hassle-free, and it won't be as time-consuming as you would think it is to mod a game.

Step 1: The Website

So to start it off, you need to go to Skydaz. From there travel to the Search Bar or Skydaz Installers tab. If going to the Installers tab, choose the version of the mod you are looking for. ***Just so you guys all know this, not all mods will be on Skydaz. Skydaz is only for authors to publish their mods, maps, tools, and modpacks.***

Step 2: Downloading the Mod

When you find your mod, there should be two options at the bottom of its page. You should see:

  1. Download Here .zip
  2. Download Here .exe

Personally, I like downloading the .exe because it downloaded as a program, and you don't have to unzip it. These files will never be infected (have a virus, trojan, etc.) If your computer says it is malware or some malicious program, you may have something wrong with your computer that is trying to "direct the attention" to another file. Once, it is downloaded, find the file (it should be under the "Downloads" section in your files). From there, you run it (or unzip it then run it) and change the "Install to Version" to whatever you will be using it under. After that, choose "Install Mod". It should be a green button. It will automatically backup your game and then install the mod. BOOM! You're done.