Introduction: Minecraft Ore Lamp

In this instructable I will demonstrate how to build a lamp inspired by a diamond ore block from Minecraft. You can also make it modeled after different ores by switching the colour instead of using blue.

Step 1: Getting Ready

To do this project, you'll need a few supplies:

1. Various pieces of wood to make a box out of
2. A sheet of plexiglass or plastic (can be clear or coloured)
3. LED Light strip (white if the glass is coloured, and if the glass is clear then the LEDs will need to be coloured)
4. A switch
5. Paint of a few colours to mix and make different shades to colour the rock
6. Paint brush

To actually make this lamp, you need some tools:

1. Table saw to cut wood to the correct sizes
2. Drill
3. Jigsaw to cut out pieces of wood from the front
4. Soldering kit
5. Nails/screws
6. Hot glue gun

Step 2: Cutting to Build

Cut out the pieces of wood to make the box with. You need a front and a back and 4 sides to build the frame that the front and back are stuck to. Also cut the plexiglass/plastic to the same size as the front and back. I made mine 12"x12".

Step 3: Beginning Assembly

Put the frame together (I used wood screws) and draw out the shapes you want cut out of the front.

Step 4: Cutting Out Shapes

Using the jigsaw, cut out the shapes you drew in the last step. I used a drill to make holes inside each shape to make it easier to start the cutting with the jigsaw. You may need to use some wood filler if the wood splits as you cut it as I did to make it look smoother.

Step 5: Making a Hole for the Switch

Trace out where you want the switch to sit and cut out a hole in the frame for it to sit in. I used a dremel to carve out the hole.

Step 6: Test Fit

At this point I put everything together by just balancing it all on top of each other as if I had assembled it. I did this to make sure everything fit well and looked good. You should have something that looks roughly like in the above picture.

Step 7: Painting

Paint each of the pieces of wood to the desired shades. I mixed colours to make a grey and then added more black to create darker patches and give the front some contrast.

Step 8: Start the Assembly

At this point you can put the front parts onto the frame. I drilled through the plastic where the nails were meant to go to make sure I didn't crack it when putting the nails in. Then I used finishing nails (to make them as invisible as possible) and put the front and plastic onto the frame.

Step 9: Wiring the Switch

Once the paint has dried completely, you can start putting the switch and wires together. Loop the wires through the hole for the switch and solder them to the switch. Once they have set, you can push the switch into place. If it doesn't fit firmly enough to stay in place properly, you may need to use a hot glue gun to hold it.

Step 10: Placing Light Strip

The light strip I used had a sticky back on it, so if yours has that then simply stick it on the inside of the frame. If not, hot glue will hold it. Also use hot glue to hold the excess wires and the battery pack on the inside of the frame, preferably where there is not a gap you had cut out.

Step 11: Finishing Assembly

Using wood screws (that way you can unscrew them and have access inside the lamp if you ever need in the future), attach the back to the frame. I didn't paint the back as it will be hung against a wall and cannot be seen when hanging. You should now have a completed and functioning lamp that will light up when the switch is flipped. From here, just find somewhere to hang it and figure out how you would like to hang it, and enjoy your new lamp!