Introduction: Minecraft PE Medieval House

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So I only recently started playing Minecraft PE (pocket edition), and I'm addicted. No joke, I play it all the time. It's fantastic. I like creative mode because I have unlimited resources, I also like to cheat a bit and lay out a bunch of blocks for myself and switch to survival mode collect the blocks I dropped for myself and kill me some zombies and creepers. Hopefully you'll enjoy this Medieval style house. The castle style roof makes for a great place to stand up top and pick off zombies and creepers in survival mode.

**This is my first instructable and my first tutorial style anything so hopefully it's easy to follow along. Please leave comments for me so that I can make improvements in the future!**

Step 1: What You Need (Supplies/Bricks)

I use a multitude of bricks, I love the way they contrast with each other to make different looks. Obviously you can change any of these out and use any bricks you want :) Also, I made this in creative mode in a flat world specifically for this tutorial so I'm not exactly sure how many of each brick you need. My apologies- I will make guess-timates where I can.

The Bricks-
•Cobblestone- 150-200 bricks
•Stone- around 50
•Stone Brick- maybe 64 (maybe more)
•Chiseled Stone Brick- 24
•Bedrock- 24
•Obsidian- 24
•Stone Slab- 3
•Stone Brick Steps/Stairs- 62
•Stone Brick Slab- 20

Decorations (and weapon section)-
•Planters/Pots- 2
•Dead Bush- 2
•Jungle Leaves- 8-10
•Oak Leaves- 2
•Ladder- 6-8
•Oak Fences- 84
•Chest- 1 (but you can place as many as you want/need)
•Iron Bars- 4 (but you may choose to use glass panes or glass bricks instead. You may also want more windows or none at all)
•Door-1 (oak or iron. If you're using Pocket Edition, oak is all we have available to us)
•Trap Door- 9 (more if you add more windows)

Last but not least- you need light!
Torches and Glowstones!

See pictures if you're not sure of what I'm referring too.

**you may also add in some Cracked Stone Bricks or any of the Moss varieties of any of the bricks for a little added detail**

Step 2: Get Started- the Shell

A. Select your Cobblestone and make a cube with these dimensions: 13(L)x9(W)x6(H)

B. Now take you Stone Bricks out and fill in your walls

This is your basic shell for the house. Don't worry about filling in the floor or the roof yet, we will get to them later.

** I've placed a large F in the ground so that you can always know when I'm referring to the Front Wall **

Step 3: Door and Windows

Let's go to our front wall where we want to place our door. I like things to be symmetrical and balanced. So I always place the door right in the center.

A. Counting from the left or the right, count in 6 bricks, number 7 should be your center brick. Knock out the two on top of it and place your door.

B. Now on either side of the door. Count over 3 bricks and knock out 2. There should be 2 bricks below your new window. I do this on both sides of the door.

C. Place iron bars in both windows.

D. Now let's make some shutters. You can do this however you prefer, but I like the look of having them on both sides of the window. So I place 2 on each side of the window.

•Once your done it should look like the second picture for this section.

Step 4: Some Corner Detailing

Let's take out that Obsidian
A. Go to any of the corners. Take out the top 5 bricks. Leave the bottom corner brick in place.

B. Now place the Obsidian in the corner. And do this to all 4 corners

C. Now we want the Bedrock and the Chiseled Stone. Place one Chiseled Stone Brick (diagonally) in front of the corner on the ground and place 1 Bedrock to the left and right of the Chiseled Stone Brick. (See pictures for Reference.)

D. Pull out your Anvils. You can now place 4 Anvils on top of each bedrock. Only 4, you want to leave one Obsidian brick exposed at the top of your building. (Please excuse Mr. Sheep in the picture)

Step 5: More Details

For these details you're going to need the Chiseled Stone Bricks and the Stone Brick Steps.

For the Bottom details-
A. Start with the Chiseled Stone. (Start on either side, and also do the back. Don't do the front- it's going to receive some special treatment.) Place a brick in the corner and place another every other space.

B. Now place a Stone Brick Step in the spaces between each Chiseled Stone.

**Do this to the sides and back- refer to the first pic in the section, and when you're ready, we'll move one to the front decor.**

So- you're ready for the front decor, are you? Let's do it then!

C. Take your Stone brick Steps and place 1 directly under the door.

D. Take two more and place one one each side of the door step so that they create a corner step. **refer to the pic #2 if needed**

E. Next you're going to use the Chiseled Stone again and place 3 one each side of the steps. Starting from the corner of the wall working inwards. This should leave one empty space between the Chiseled Stone and your Steps.

Top Decor!
**For the last part or this step you're going to use you Stone Brick Steps again. See pics 3&4 for this part**

F. Simply go to the top brick on your walls and place the steps upside down to create an over hang that goes all the way around the building.

Step 6: How About a Couple Bushes?

This is a personal preference. I love these two little bushes, but if you're not into them, feel free to skip ahead to step 7.

If you're still here- you're going to need a few things: 2 planters/flower pots, 2 Dead Bushes, and 2 Oak Leaves (or any leaves of your preference, or flowers if you would like)

A. Go either of the front corners and place a flower pot on top of the Chiseled Stone.

**or any other leaves**
B. Place a Dead Bush inside of the Pot.

C. Leaves cannot simply be placed on top off the Dead Bush. So take any 3 bricks that can be sacrificed and stack them up directly next to your Chiseled Stone.

D. Now place your Leaves against the Sacrificial Stack of bricks so that is is directly over the Dead Bush. (Check pics 1&2 for example)

E. Break down the Sacrificial Stack and you will be left with the leaves atop the Dead Bush. Now you have a little tree in a pot!

**if you wanted to use a flower instead simply place the flower in the pot and you're done**

Step 7: Checkered Floors!

For the flooring you can use anything you want. But I went with regular Stone and Stone Bricks

A. Simply create a checkerboard by alternating your bricks.

**I like to start with one type of brick then fill in the gaps with the other type. It's seems faster that way**

Step 8: The Roof, the Roof

For the roof we will need Cobblestone, Obsidian, Bedrock, Stone Brick Slabs, Anvils, and Oak Fences

A. With the Cobblestone add one more layer to the walls. (Make sure this is added over the walls and not the upside down stairs because we'll be adding some finishing touches to those steps later.)

B. Go ahead and fill this layer in so that you have a completed roof/ceiling.

C. Now take 4 Obsidian blocks and place one in each corner of the roof.

D. Take the Stone Brick Slabs and starting against the Obsidian place them all the way around the outer edge leaving an empty space between each.

E. Fills the gaps between the Slabs with Bedrock.

F. Next, take your anvils and place one on top of the Obsidian in each corner. the anvils are nice in case you need to repair any armor or weapons while sniping zombies and creepers from the roof!

G. Now for the Fencing. On top of the overhang (inverted steps) take the Oak Fence and places it completely around the outermost edge of the roof.

**I find this just completed the look but has now real function. You can still walk right over the fence and off the roof so be careful!**

Step 9: Entry Way

This is where we are going to use the (regular) Stone Slabs and more Oak Fencing. You can use any fence you like, I just find that the Oak matches the shutters and door nicely.

A. Simply stack the fence on top of the corner stairs going three high so that it is one brick above the door to create two corner posts.

B. Then fill in the gap between them.

C. Now place your three Stone Slabs on top of the fence and your entry way is done.

Step 10: Accessing the Roof and Not Falling Off!

If you're in survival mode then you can't just fly your way to the roof whenever you want. At least not without a potion of some kind. So let's build a ladder!

I picked one of the back corners. But that's just a personal preference. Whatever you do, make sure you place it at least one space from the corner so that you can exit in either direction.

A. Pick your place and build your ladder up to the roof.

B. Knock out one block in the ceiling.

C. Get on to your roof and place a trapdoor against the Bedrock on the edge. (This is why you needed to stay out of the corner, so you had somewhere to place your trap door)

D. Place a chest on the roof so you can stash a bow and arrows for sniping Enderman and such.

E. To keep me from walking on the roof I placed fence all the way around the inner edge.

F. Then I placed torches in each corner fence post to keep the mobs from spawning on the roof.

Step 11: A Little Greenery and Lighting

This is the last step!

I dug out two spaces in front of the house where is wanted some light. I placed Glowstones in the holes and threw up some jungle leaves as shrubbery. You can take a look at the pictures above to see where I placed my stones and shrubs but feel free to make it your own! Now you're done. Change the difficulty level stand up top and take out some baddies!

Step 12: Comments and Contacting Me!

I'm going to try to enter this in a contest or maybe a few. So if there's a voting button above, please vote for me! If you liked this, please give me some hearts and comment! I'd love to see some pictures of what you've created and if you make this house please share a screenshot with me!

If you'd like my to do an 'ible with the interior is be happy to do so, just let me know in the comments. There's some added pictures of some of my towns/villages. If you'd like me to do another style, or a whole castle :O just let me know. I'm happy to share my knowledge!


I've entered this in 3 contests.


For the Epilogue Contest I really just wanted to show off my creativity. I think Minecraft is one of the greatest games where anyone can be creative and can make anything they want with just a little time and effort. You just have to think outside the box, then use the box! I'm a young toy designer. I have been designing vinyl toys for just a year now, but it's my life's goal to design toys and have people add something of mine to their shelves right next to their KidRobot or POP! Toys. If I won the Epilogue contest I could put the Laser and 3Doodler to good use with my designs. They would aid me in prototyping and could help me move along in my career. They would be amazing to have because unfortunately I think they are items I may never be able to afford on my own. At least not anytime in the near future. So please vote for me, and one day I'll be able to design a toy, share how I did it, and do special Instructables giveaways and discounts on toys!


For the survival contest- this isn't a real world survival 'ible- this design is based on survival in game. It is based on being able to head to the roof and pick off baddies for as long as you want without being harmed, while also providing as safe place to sleep without being invaded. So why not consider this for survival!?


This is my first ever 'ible I've been following others for years now I love this site. It's about time I contributed, and I'm proud to be able to provide something that anybody can make.

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