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Introduction: Minecraft PE Pool

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Hey everyone! This is my very first Minecraft tutorial! I will show you how to make a pool on Minecraft PE Version 9.0. It's a very easy, fun thing to build and I use it whenever I need to build a pool. I hope you like it and enjoy!

Step 1: Creating Your World

The new 9.0 version has better settings than the 8.9 version. Create a world and name it whatever you want to (I named mine Cool Pool). Then press the Advanced Settings button in the top right corner. You will get more advanced settings, hence its name. Make your world flat and creative and let's build this pool!

Step 2: Materials

Put all of your needed materials in the GUI. You will need...
•Block of Quartz
•Bucket of Water
•Stone Bricks
•Quartz Stairs
•Quarts Slab
•Grass Block

Step 3: Border

Fly up a little and build a border for your pool. Mine is five blocks wide on the small side and ten wide on the long side. Keep in mind that when you build the border, it will be smaller than you want it to be.

Step 4: Dig Out the Middle

Now get rid of the center. It should look like what you see in the picture.

Step 5: All the Way Down

In Minecraft PE, if you choose a flat landscape, you can only dig three blocks down until you see Bedrock. Make sure you're in the air, because you need to dig out all of the dirt until you have a completely empty rectangle.

Step 6: The Border

Now take you Quartz Block and make the border as shown.

Step 7: Fill in the Bottom

Now carefully fill in the bottom of your pool.

Step 8: Add Some Water

Now on the side of each Quartz Block, add water. At the end, it should look like the picture above.

Step 9: Go Underwater

For the next step, you will be trying to get the water to be calm. Go underneath the water.

Step 10: Up Two

Now, underwater, go up two blocks down the middle. This will even out the water.then your water will be calm.

Step 11: Calm Water

Step 12: The Waterfall

What makes this pool unique is the waterfall. Using Stone Bricks, make a 3x3 block as shown. Go up five more times as shown. Make a hole in the center and put water in that hole, also shown.

Step 13: Chairs for Relaxation

To make some pool chairs, get your Quartz Stairs and Quartz Slabs. Place a Quartz Slab one block away from the pool. Behind it, place a Quartz Stairs. Repeat until you have a few pool chairs:

Step 14: Take a Dive

Now you have a really neat, fun pool to enjoy! Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for more Minecraft tutorials. Thanks again=)

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    peach girl
    peach girl

    8 years ago

    I have a request


    8 years ago

    Okay! I will make one. Thank you for the idea=)


    8 years ago

    I know!!!! A Minecraft mansion or Luxury house!


    8 years ago

    Are there any requests on what Minecraft tutorial I should do next?