Minecraft PE Shed

Introduction: Minecraft PE Shed

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Step 1: The Base

Build a 9x9 base for your house using oak planks.

Step 2: The Frame

Build a frame as tall or as short as desired.

Step 3: Filling in the Base

Fill in your frame using oak planks.

Step 4: Building the Roof

To build the roof, you have two options, unless you have a certain desire for a roof. Follow the pictures for a sort of "pyramid" roof, using spruce planks.

Step 5: Triangular Roof

Follow these pictures for a triangular roof.

Step 6: Shelves on the Inside

Now it's time to build the shelves. Using Oak Wooden Slab, make some shelves for items in your shed.

Step 7: Cobwebs

What makes a shed sort of old is the cobwebs! Randomly place cobwebs all over your shed.

Step 8: Random Objects

Place random "shed" objects in your shed.

Step 9: Door

Step 10: Fence

Step 11: Fence Gate

Step 12: Torches

Step 13: A New Shed!

Now you have a new shed to enjoy! Thanks for viewing and check out my other Minecraft tutorials! And I'm always open to suggestions, so leave them in the comments! Thanks again=)

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    4 years ago

    it would like it better if you at some more style


    5 years ago

    this was AWESOME my little sister, she loves the webs and thanks for that!!!!


    7 years ago

    I am using worldcraft because i will pay if i install minecraft.But this building can be used in worldraft and thanks too