Introduction: Minecraft Pe Nether Tower

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Step 1: You Will Need

1. 14 blocks of cobblestone

2. 4 blocks of gold

3. 1 nether reactor core

Step 2: Place 5 Blocks of Cobble Stone in the Form of a Cross

Step 3: Than Place 4 Gold Blocks on the Corners to Make a Square

Step 4: On the Center, Place a Nether Reactor Core on the Middle of the Square

Step 5: Next, Put a Block of Cobble Stone on Each Gold Block

Step 6: Then Put a Block of Cobble Stone on the Nether Reactor Core

Step 7: Than Make Another Cross on Top As Shone in the Picture

Step 8: Than to Go to the Nether Just Click on the Nether Reactor Core (the Middle Block)

Just so you know, I didn't show you what the nether looks like because I made this on creative mode which you can only go to the nether on survival mode

Thnxs for viewing this! Plz comment if you have a question and like!

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