Minecraft RV/Camper

Introduction: Minecraft RV/Camper

This is a Minecraft RV

Step 1: The Wheels

What your going to do fist is place a coal block, and go 2 more blocks to the left/right and place another. Now go back 9 blocks and on the 10th one, place another.

Step 2: The Floor Layout

Now you are going to get your quartz slabs. Start from one side, put 4 slabs behind the wheels. Then fill in the inside.

Step 3: The Motor

Take furnaces and ladders, put the the furnaces down, then shift click and put the ladders on.

Step 4: The Walls

Take your quartz blocks. Put one block above the tire. Go the the left and place 3 on top of each other. Put quartz along the bottom. Leave space for windows as needed.

Step 5: The Slide

Just go out a few blocks, make a roof and carpet. Put a bed if you want to. :D

Step 6: The Fridge

Take an Iron door, an Iron block and a dispenser to make this (optional)

Step 7: The Final View.

This is what it looks like when your done. :D

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    7 years ago

    Lame wrong catagory


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing your minecraft RV! Looks like loads of fun!