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Introduction: Minecraft Redstone Machine Mini-Instructables

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This Machine is one of my favorite Redstone Inventions ever. Some times whenever I'm Build something that needs a Rapid firing red stone contraption, but a compareter Machine goes to fast i'l use this. This is One of the Cheapest ways i know on how to make a rapid fire Redstone signal Machine. You will need

3X redstone Torches

7 Blocks of any kind(that will allow redstone to be placed on them)

And That's It

Step 1: First Stone

Start out By laying down 3 Blocks(In this case i used stone) in a straight line.

Step 2: More Stone

Place 3 More Stone in a straight line diagonal to the First. Like So

Step 3: Redstone

Place 3 Redstone torches under the second line of stone. Then Add 3 redstone to the Empty space in between the 2 stone lines. Like so. Well That's about it, the redstone should start blinking the second you place it on the space with the stone on the bottom and side. this machine is cheaper and sometimes the only way to get a rapid fire redstone signal(other than the redstone repeater way which is more expensive as you need nether quartz to make Comparators) . And as always If You Have A Idea On How to Improve this design or maybe You Have a question you would like answered, post a Comment or send me a letter(I LOVE it when You great guys give me feedback on my Projects).Well that's It For Now, See You Next Time Minecraft Fans!

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    7 years ago

    I think you meant comparators. Cos they need quartz to be built


    Reply 5 years ago

    Srsly redstone mistake critic??? XD