Minecraft Rollercoaster Ultimate Trap

Introduction: Minecraft Rollercoaster Ultimate Trap

Hello and thanks for viewing my instructable! Today I will show you how to build the ultimate trap to get revenge on your friends in Minecraft!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

To start off, gather these materials.

Step 2: Start of the Coaster

To start the coaster, place 2 blocks with a button. You should have 2 powered rails and 1 regular rail. You also should place a sign saying something like, "Super Awesome Roller Coaster!" with a chest with a minecart.

Step 3: Finish the Coaster

To finish the coaster, place 1 detector rail and the rest (5) of the regular rails. Lastly, place the last 2 building blocks.

Step 4: Dig a 4x4 Hole

This step is as simple as digging a one block deep 4x4 hole. Dig it so the detector rail is the beginning of the hole, as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Redstone / Another Hole

In this step, place the redstone exactly as you see in the picture. Make sure the redstone torch is on the side of the block the detector rail is placed on. Then dig a hole 3 blocks long and 3 blocks deep. You will get a better view of the picture in the next step's picture.

Step 6: Put Lava in the Hole

In this step, simply put lava in the hole.

Step 7: Cover the Lava

In this step, cover the lava with dirt and place the rails back.

Step 8: Cover the Redstone

In this step, use the dirt you got from digging the hole to cover the hole. I recommend using bone meal to put flowers and grass on the dirt.

Step 9: Test It!

Lastly, you want to run a test. I recommend placing a minecart with no one in it to test it. Remember you will need to re-place the rails and put another minecart in the chest every time someone becomes the victim of this cruel but hilarious trap!

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    2 Discussions


    4 weeks ago

    Does a detector rail power redstone?


    3 years ago

    there is a little harder that that doesn't require that suspicious 3x3 blob, just build a jeb door on its side. so a piston extends out when the trap is inactive. then have it push out a piston that pushes a block up. sorry if this is confusing but i am very good with redstone traps and secret entrances so i know how to camouflage these ;)