Introduction: Minecraft Squid House

This is a giant squid house based on the one from Stampylongnose's quest to kill the wither/ have fun/ kill the EnderDragon series. It's fairly simply to build and it only needs 4 different types of blocks, blue wool, red wool, white wool, and black wool. (And maybe some gold blocks if you want a crown on its head)

Step 1: Blue Square

First build a 10 x 10 square made out of blue wool for the base. This will make up part of the squid body

Step 2: Go Up 12 Blocks

This next step is the making of the rest of the body. Stack up 12 blocks from the square base. This will be the height of the squid body.

Step 3: Fill in the Body

This is pretty easy. The last step represented how tall the body is and in this step you'll need to make the square base go up until it reaches the same height of the tower you created in the last step. (Not sure if I explained that well so just look at the pictures)

Step 4: The Neck

To make the neck you'll just create another square but smaller. Make sure that the smaller ring is still one block higher than the body.

Step 5: Go Back Out & Start the Head

Now above your neck make another square base but the same size as the body was. (A 10 x 10 square) Then go up 7 blocks which will be the height of the head.

Step 6: Filling in the Head But Not the Face

Like you did for the body, fill the head but this time only fill in 3 of the 4 sides. The 4th side (The empty side) will be the face.

Step 7: Face Framing

Your squiddy mouth needs to be a square so you're going to need to fill in some parts of the face. Fill in two columns worth of blue wool on each side of the face and add a row of blue wool on the top of the head.

Step 8: Mouth & Teeth

Now fill in your empty face square with red wool except for a few places on the sides for where your teeth will go. Don't make your teeth more than 1 block in size or it looks ridiculous.

Step 9: Eyes

Make 2 x 2 square on each side of the head, 1 block down the the top of the head and 1 block away from the side edge. Fill in 3 of the 4 empty blocks with white wool and the last empty block black wool. I made the eyes looking in different directions so the squid looks derpier. :)

Step 10: Arms

I made the arms 3 blocks down from the top of the body and in the center of that row. The arms should be 2 blocks wide. It doesn't matter what position the arms are in, I made one arm curve down to the squid' ship in a sassy manner and the other waving.

Step 11: Legs

The legs should be the very edges of the front of the body. Do them 3-4 blocks long and 2 blocks wide.

Step 12: Optional Crown :)

I decided to give my squid a golden crown because it conceals the top of the head so you can maybe build a little patio or sitting area on top. I also just liked a little more color in the build.

Step 13: Thank You!

Thank you so much for reading and please leave a comment telling me what you thought. All feedback is appreciated. :) I hope you enjoyed this and maybe I'll make an instructable on Stampy's house from the same series if that's something you wanna see. Anyway, thanks again!