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Introduction: Minecraft Star Destroyer - Hangars

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Welcome to part 2 of my spectacular Star Destroyer, i have definitely bitten off more than i could chew on this one, but i am committed to finishing it.

This month i am showcasing how i built the twin hangars of my Star Destroyer, along with a captured Corellian Corvette (not my finest hour) My design for the hangar isn't directly keeping in tune with the original designs, i have taken some inspirations from the Republic Venator starships regarding the exterior hangar.

My main materials for this build were stone, bedrock + sea lanterns, they give off the best neutral light that favours many imperial architecture. My slideshow below shows my mindset throughout the build, trying differing designs and making a few errors, but hey....

I'm afraid i cannot provide slide by slide commentary, but considering the immense size of this project, i have 115 screenshots to go through! so all the text to know about before hand will be featured here, and right at the end.

ENJOY! and please subscribe + favourite if you want to keep in touch with my progress throughout the year!

Step 1: The Hangars

The hangar for my SD (as of yet untitled) is situated right in the middle of the ship, with twin bulkheads placed on both sides. i have based my designs on the death star hangars shown in New Hope + Return of the Jedi, and the hangars seen in Battlefront 2, with a little flare added from the Venator starships seen in Revenge of the Sith.

Like i mentioned before; the main material used was stone and sea lantern. To use something like andelite, or iron would make the walls look segmented rather than a single plate metal. while the lanterns provide the best light to support the grey stone, and matches the lights shown in the films.

Step 2: The Corvette

Yeah.. this wasn't my finest hour.

The corvette was based entirely from the Tantive IV, in all but name. this build is proof that you must always keep notes on numerical symmetry!!!

The material used here was quartz + yeah, sea lanterns. this entire build is mostly sea lanterns, but as you can see, it works better than say the red stone lamps.

A little tip; if the floor isn't the right colour, instead of using slabs, which dont connect with regular blocks, use carpets, yeah i know, carpets! they react similarly to slabs, yet are much slimmer and still mask the ground.

Step 3: Final Touches

Since i am building this via pocket edition, i cannot simply copy and paste here!

If this is also affecting you, ALWAYS take and print screenshots so you can always reference your build rather than going back and forth to try to get as close as possible.

Step 4: Coming Soon.....

I hope you enjoyed that, i aim to finish each segment within a month! the month of May will bring us the super laser for this capital ship (told you it wasn't original) which is mounted on the front so that should include a lot more interior and exterior!

Again, thanks to all who have subscribed over the years, keep the comments coming and as always, keep building!

- DwarvenMithril

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    5 years ago

    Looks amazing!!! Would love to make it but I don't think i'd have enough patience! lol :-)


    5 years ago

    Impressive. Lots of work put into this.