Introduction: Minecraft - Star Wars: the Imperials

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Another month, another build, and this time round it’s a double build!

In the past, Starwars builds always proved the most popular, so given how it’s near 8 years since I joined Instructables, it was time for a reunion to a galaxy, far far away!

In this build, I will show you how to construct the finest vehicles from the First Galactic Empire, worthy of the 501st itself -
- Tie Interceptor
- Tie Bomber
- Director Krennics Delta7c Shuttle
- Sentinel-class Troop carrier
- AT-Hauler
& a Tie Reaper.

Step 1: AT-AT Part 1

This brawling brute was the first on this list, and what an entry. Primarily consisting of stone, bedrock and chiselled stone stairs, this walking platform is made up of angled layers to simulate sloping panels. It’s inner canopy must have space for troopers and other compartments, so the key for it was to be hollow.

Step 2: AT-AT Part 2

The legs never needed to be extra thick and or too bulky, but they needed to be straight and long enough as to not look too short or too tall. The Canon has it down to 30ft tall, so there’s some sort of estimation for you. Be sure to add gears and protruding joints along the legs to add detail.

Step 3: AT-AT Part 3

The cockpit and canopy proved difficult at first, but eventually, settling for two stories with seating compartments (expect a lot of them in this build) build seats out of pieces that contrasts with the colour of the structure to add depth. To simulate holograms, use beacons. If you’re combating issues with lighting, sea lanterns and modules do the trick.

Step 4: TIE Interceptor

A vast improvement from before! The cockpit itself hasn’t changed as such, but the construction of the wings are very different indeed, alongside better detail with the inclusion of tiles. Bedrock makes for great panels on all TIE vehicles.

Step 5: TIE Bomber

Step 6: Director Krennic’s Delta 7c Shuttle

A bold design, and a challenging build for geometric blocks. The interior is as close to the cross sections as is possible. Combine both stone and blackstone for a good combination of colours. Sea lanterns make for great imperial based wall design.

Step 7: AT Hauler (with AT-ST)

Step 8: Sentinel-Class Troop Carrier

Marble and concrete work surprisingly well. Be sure to add flecks of other colours to the monotony, it adds a lot of depth to throw on a very different colour here and there when appropriate. Sea lanterns and anything white go very well together.

Step 9: TIE Reaper

A very challenging bodywork, I didn’t get it 100% correct, but the wings hide those errors well. For some imperial vehicles, red visors replace normal ones - I don’t prefer it but you got to stay true to the designs at times. In what we’ve seen of the Reaper in Rogue One & Squadrons, they’re bigger than first perceived, so more space for the interior is necessary.

Step 10: In Conclusion.

This was certainly a fun build! I hope these slideshows serve you well. Be sure to check out the “twin” of this build, featuring the best & brightest from the Rebel Alliance.

Coming soon: A hardy pint.