Introduction: Minecraft Survival Games

This is guide on how to make a Vanilla Minecraft server and change it into a Survival Games Server.

I am going to assume that you already have a working Minecraft server. This tutorial will be using Bukkit plugins so you will only be able to use 1.7.9 or lower.

Things you will need:

- A up and running Minecraft server

- Bukkit Survival games plugin -

Step 1: Installing the Plugin Onto Your Minecraft Server

First, download the latest version from the files page. Drop the .jar into your plugins folder. Restart your server and the default config will be generated. Open the config file by going to /plugins/SurvivalGames/config.yml and change the settings to how you want them. If you want to use stats or use SQL for logging and rollback, set your database settings to match your database. Otherwise, change logging.usesql to false and stats.enabled to false. Once you have the settings like you want, restart your server.

Step 2: Set Lobby Spawn

After you have made changes to the config, you will need to setup your game lobby. The first step to this is setting your spawn point. Go to the point where you want to have the player’s spawn and type /sg setlobbyspawn.

Its a good idea to build a structure to hold the lobby, So that players cannot get out of the lobby unless they join a game or quit

Step 3: ​Set Lobby Wall

To set a sign wall, select a row of signs by left clicking on the sign that is the most left and right clicking on the sign that is the most right.(Click on the sign that circled in blue on the picutre above) with worldedit and run the command /sg addwall

Step 4: ​Create Arena

Once the lobby is setup, the next thing to do is start creating arenas. Creating arenas are one of the easiest things to do in the SurvivalGames. Simply use worldedit to create a selection around the arena. This mean left click on the Higest point of your arena and on the lowest block Once you have the whole arena selected (Make sure you get to the top and bottom of the arena!) type /sg createarena. If all goes well you should be told that your arena was created.

Step 5: ​Create Spawn Points

After you have created the arena, use the command /sg setspawn next

This will create a spawn point for the player to spawn in

Step 6: Your Done!

If everything went right for you, then you now have a working survival games Minecraft server.

You can tweak the config files to make the server perfect for you and make it truly your own Survival Games server.

Here is a list of commands that are unique to the Survival Games plug in

Player Commands:
/sg vote - Vote to start the game

/sg leave - Leave the game

/sg join - Teleports you to the lobby spawn point

/sg join <id> - Joins the game <id>

/list - Shows a list of players dead and alive players (only ingame)

/sg spectate - spectate a game

/sg lq or /sg leavequeue - Leave the queue your in.

For a full list of the commands check out :