Introduction: Minecraft Teleporter

This will let you teleport in style with arrows

Step 1: Create a World

First, go click "Create a World", then change the gamemode to creative, then click create new world.

Step 2: Command Block Clock

Now, you need to give yourself a command block using this command

/give @p command_block

Step 3: Command Block Clock (continued)

Then, place a command block down and right click it.

Type in setblock ~ ~1 ~ air

After that, you place a command block 2 blocks higher than the first one and type in

fill ~ ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ redstone_block

Step 4: Command Block Clock (continued)

Now, place a redstone block in the middle and the clock will start up

Optional: if you think the text is annoying, type this command /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

Step 5: Last Command Block

Now, put a command block on a redstone block side and type this command

/execute @p ~ ~ ~ tp @p @e[type=Arrow]

Step 6: Pull, Fire!!!

Now you can try teleport anywhere you want with your complete machine.

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