Introduction: Minecraft Themed Xbox Toychest

A custom Xbox toychest made to look like a minecraft cube (not to scale).

Step 1: Step 1 "Get a Box"

I used 3/4" plywood to make a rectangular box. Mine is not to scale but my son loves it just the same.

Step 2: Hinges

I tried normal gate hinges at first but found some non mortise hinges on amazon and they worked like a champ.

Step 3: Minecraft It Up

I special order minecraft fabric from Spoonflower's online store and used staples and adhesive to attach to the box. I added 1" foam to the lid to buffer the nuts I used to attach the TV mount and to double as a bench.

Step 4: Add Electronics

I used an old flat screen and my son's Xbox. I also ordered a kinect wall mount so and added to the lid. Not pictured are casters I purchased at HD.

Step 5: