Introduction: Minecraft Witchery How to Make a Powerful Alter

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When Playing around with the witchery Mod i got frustrated with the fact that it is extremely hard to create a working alter with 8000 Alter Power. You see i wanted to Bind a Familiar To myself as they are needed in many spells. the problem is that starting out in the world as a witch(warlock) even with creative mode i wasn't able to do very much in terms of High End Magic( You can tells it important because its in caps). Stuff Like Curses and Rituals of Transition(Digs Up All the Iron Or Near You), but i Needed a Larger Amount of Alter Magic To Draw From. I Dug around on the Web For some step by step Directions only to find there where none. So Its My Great Pleasure To Give you That Thing That I never Had. Enjoy

Witchery Mod

Crafting Recipes and More Information can Be found Below

You Will Need

6x Alter Blocks

Creative Mode(optional)

1x Chalice(filled)

1x Candelabra

1x Torch

4x Dark Oak Saplings

1x Hawthorn Sapling

1x White Ritual Chalk

1x Gold Ritual Chalk

2x Demon Hearts

1x Wither Skull

1x Oak Sapling

1x Birch sapling

1x Spruce Sapling

2x Stacks of Bone Meal

(Optional)Ender Dragon Egg

Step 1: Alter Basd

Place Down Six Alter Blocks all next to each other. Next Place on the Alter the candlelabra, the Wither Skull, the Filled Chalice and the Torch. This Should get You Up to around 2500 Draw Power. Next Place Down down The 2 Demon Hearts and the Dragon Egg(If You dont Have Access to one substitute With A large Variety of flowers and Crops.) Remember The alter Draws Magic From Nature so place this Alter On Grass Blocks. Next place down the Gold and White Ritual Chalk in a 3x3x3 Formation. This Is that when you go to place down tree you dont accidently place them down where there is supposed to be ritual chalk, and since you use white ritual chalk the most, better to place it down before growing trees.

Step 2: Tree's and Flowers

Next up is planting trees and flowers. Trees are a great source of Alter Power. So Place Down the 4 Dark Oak Saplings All Next to each other. Next take the Bone Meal and right click one of the four saplings with it until they all combine into one great big tree. if you can do this with jungle saplings but i wont require it becuase i counld't get it to work. Next place down the rest of the trees and Bone Meal them as well. As well as using the Bone Meal on the saplings use a bit of it on the ground. If your on Grass Blocks the Bone Meal will Grow Grass and other Plants all around the area where the Bone Meal was used. The end result should lokk something like this

Step 3: That's It.

This is a very important piece of information because Circle Magic is one of the most used aspects of the game. it is even used in symbol magic(Ent Twig Infusion) and Distilling(some of the Distillery items Need alter Power to make it). And The Most important is The Familiars. They are used in casting some spelling and they strengthen your magic. Also i found after you manage to Get a familiar you can do quests for Coven Witches, which are used for more advanced Magic. If this does not work try moving things around(that's what happened with me), But in genral if this Step By Step doesn't get you 8000 it should at least get you close(if you don't have the Dragon Egg That will severely decrease the Alters Power, so make up for it in Flowers and lily pads. And as always If you Have a idea that might improve this Design or matbe you have a question or two leave a comment(I LOVE it when you guys and girls leave Comments for me, Really its like early Christmas, Halloween and Easter all wrapped up in one for me), but until then See you all next time Minecraft Fans!