Introduction: Minecraft Zombie Target (Life Size)

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If you play Minecraft, then you have most likely wished that this wonderful game could be played in real life. Well, now you can! With this life-size Minecraft zombie target, you can just grab your bow and aim at that monster! With this simple Instructables, you can make Minecraft real!!

Step 1: Materials, Materials, Materials!!!

For this Instructable you will need:

A lot of cardboard

Head: 10 x 10 in. square box

Arms: 2 18 x 6 in. rectangle (I built the arms from different pieces of cardboard)

Body including legs: 2 18.5 x 13 in. rectangle boxes

Hot glue gun

Poster paint (blue, green, and black)

And last but not least, scissors.

Using these sizes, the finished zombie will be 2 feet wide from arm to arm and 4 feet tall.

Step 2: The Arms

Start by making the arms of the zombie. A Minecraft zombie has its arms sticking out in front of it, the re So I started to make the left arm first. Cut two pieces of cardboard 18 inches long and 6 inches wide. When done cut a equal square 6 inches long on each side. And the last piece for the left arm is a piece 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. Do this step again for the right arm.

Step 3: Putting the Arm Together

Start gluing the 12 in piece to the 6 in square. Look at the picture above. Then I glued the 18 in piece to the square. And last I glued the other square to the end of the 18 in piece. It should look like the picture above. Do the same step and make the right arm but make the opening opposite from the other arm.

Step 4: The Body

After both arms are done, we will attach them to the body. The body looks like this picture above. To attach both arms, take the open part of both arms and slide it in the body. To secure it hot glue gun the arms around the body. It should look like the picture above.

Step 5: The Head

When the body is completed its time to put in the head. The head is just a big cube box that has on side cut out, see picture above. Glue on the head with the cut side facing the back of the zombie. It should start looking like a minecraft zombie!

Step 6: The Legs

To finish the zombie body all we have to do is find a piece exactly like the body, cut out all the flaps and and cut out one of the big side of it and glue in to the body. And the structure is done!!

Step 7: Painting Time!

I used blue paint,white paint, green paint and black paint.

This is what it should look like above.

( Sorry about the face, I messed up there)

Step 8: Ta Da!

The Minecraft zombie is done!!

You can strike it with a sword or shoot it with a bow!

Thanks for reading!

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