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Introduction: Minecraft All-in-one Safety Shelter

Everyone wants a safe, comfortable and functional shelter. Imagine you can stay in a house where mobs can't attack you, a house you can farm safely, and a house where you can kill mobs in seconds...... How sweet!!!

Today, I'll be showing all of you how to build a shelter that is more than a shelter.

Step 1: The Ground Floor

Before you start building, you must find a flat land to build your house. It should also be a place that is nearby your mining place.

The ground floor has to be built by non-flammable blocks (e.g. Cobblestone, stone......) because the security system is based on lava. And of course, an iron door.

Remember to make windows so that you can see mobs around you. The windows can be glass or glass pane.

Step 2: The One-and-a-half Floor

After you build the ground floor, build 2 blocks more above to make your lava security system. Place dispensers at the 4 sides of your house and connect it like the picture above. And then, put lava buckets into all the dispensers that you had placed earlier. After that, cover floor with any block you like.

Step 3: The Second Floor

The second floor is basically your bedroom. But you will need to place a button or lever on the floor to activate the lava security system below it. If you press it once again, you can deactivate the security system. After that, place a bed and you are done!

Tips: Use ladder instead of stairs to travel from floors to floors can prevent mobs breaking into you room!

Step 4: Time to Dig!!

On the ground floor, dig down four blocks and dig to the side to make the room bigger. After that, use obsidian (if you have it) to cover the whole room and leave on block free for you to enter and exit. You will get a room that is two blocks tall that can prevent endermen to spawn in. After that, cover back your floor.

This is your panic room, it is used for emergency reasons (such as fire, attack of mobs......). And you can also use it as a secret room to store items (like block of gold, diamonds......). Remember, you have to place a chest with food in it so that you won't starve while hiding.

Step 5: Animals on the Air!!

Well, you might have done building the panic room. Now, we are going to build a farm that is safe from mobs.

On top of your building, place a layer of grass blocks or dirt blocks. After that, place fences at the edge to prevent falling. Now, you can start to farm like me!! You can plant wheats, carrots, potatoes and even breed animals. And don't forget to place torches on top of the fences to prevent mob spawning.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Shelter!!

You have done building your new shelter!! Now you can be safe all the time.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Lol man , Wooden Door Dont Burn LOL


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Even though it don't burn, you should have it to prevent zombies from breaking in.

    Governor Keagan
    Governor Keagan

    7 years ago

    How do you open the iron doors


    Reply 7 years ago

    Hi kvanrooyen, you can open iron doors with lever or button. Since the lava security may destroy it, I recommend you to place a block on top of it to block lava from breaking it. Good luck and happy crafting!