Introduction: Minecraft Banking System


Now this minecraft bank will work something like a normal bank but instead of each person having a chest of diamonds for them self each persons diamonds just go into a single chest then when some one wants to see / take out there diamonds they just take the amount of diamonds they put in. What this allows the owner to do is you can take as many diamond out of the bank as you want as long as you leave more diamonds in the chest then the person with the most amount of diamonds has in the bank.

You migt be wandering what if they take other peoples diamonds, More then they put in.

Well thats what this system dose it provids the accounts and it know how many diamond are in every ones accounts and it also has a account item password using a "copy of original writen books" as that password items

Even has a way to "give" them free intrest on there diamonds to encorage more peaple to join the bank!

Now lets ge building

Step 1: The Build

the picture above is the main part on this bank. That is a slice of the accounts section if you have 1 slice then the bank can only have 1 account, so plan according to how meny peaple you think would join you bank. All the repearters are 1 tick, and there needs to be a few stacks of 64 stackable items in the dropper.

The sorrter on the side is a standard item sorter with a writen copy of original book in it that will act as a password.

There are 3 main parts this is the middle one this can be infintly long

Step 2: 1st Section

Back of the lobby area witch has a diamond reterval chest and a lever to switch from withdraw and deposit.

Basic redstone componets dont have to be in exact order just needs to have the same input out put.

Slimeblocks and be replaced with a redstone stair case just makes it a bit messy

Step 3: Item Elevator for Account Password Books

the item evelator pushes books up and back inside the lobby

Step 4: Inside Lobby and After Thoughts

inside the lobby is quite small for the amount of redstone involved but most of the redstone is for data storage.

This that can be done

- make it so the diamond go into account automaticly when logging out for bank owners who dont like to get diamonds for free

Add a easy intrest timer for weekly intrest adding (can be done manualy with push of button by turning on all accoutns and pushing a button atached to comparator clock.

This build was made under the minecraft account hikid give me a hi is you see me in game.

This build has been 4 month in the making.

Step 5:

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