Introduction: Minecraft Chest Pencil Case

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On my YouTube channel at the moment, it's Minecraft month! So, I thought I'd post a how-to for a fun project for going back to school. Enter the Minecraft chest pencil case!

Below is a video that will lead you through every step!

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

For this project, you'll need to download the template for the chest parts first.

You'll also need:

  • Duct/fabric tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tacky glue/glue stick
  • An A3 piece of foamboard (5mm thick)
  • A sharp Xacto or craft knife
  • A long straight edge (a metal ruler works well)
  • Optional: 2 small magnets (I used a couple of 3mm neodymium magnets I had lying around) for a magnetic catch!

Let's get started!

Step 2: Prepare Your Pieces

First of all, stick the black and white template pieces (with no tabs) onto the foam board. Wait 5 minutes for the glue to dry then use the knife and metal ruler to cut out the pieces.

Be especially carefully where the catch of your chest is as those corner notches are tiny! Scissors can work well here.

Step 3: Optional: Adding the Magnet for Your Clasp

Take the black and white template 'BASE FRONT MAGNET' and glue one of your base front foam board pieces onto the middle of it.

Now, glue the tabs and fold them around the foam piece and onto the back.

Next, use the tip of your knife to dig out a hollow just big enough for your magnet to fit in (where the grey area marked 'MAGNET' is).

Add a dab of hot glue in the hole and press the magnet firmly into it.

It doesn't matter which way up the magnet is as long as it settles flat!

Finally, add a dab of hot glue to fill in the hole.

Step 4: Stick the Chest Overlays Onto the Pieces

First, lay aside the 'BASE BACK' piece and 'LID BACK' piece for later! If you're adding magnets, set aside the clasp piece as well!

Now, cut out all the chest overlay pieces with tabs on and the chest overlay pieces without tabs.

One at a time, take the foam board pieces and stick them onto the back of each chest overlay piece, making sure they're bang on the centre.

Next, add glue to the tabs and fold them around the edges of the foamboard pieces.

Finally, stick the chest overlay pieces without tabs over the sides with tabs stuck on.

See pictures!

Step 5: Forming Your Hinge

Take the BASE BACK and LID BACK pieces you laid aside and place them next to each other long-ways.

Cut a piece of fabric or masking tape the length of the pieces and stick them together.

Sticking it to one piece, then pressing the other piece onto the other half of the tape works really well here.

Now, glue the chest template cutouts for the BASE BACK and LID BACK on top of the taped sides to hide that tape!

Step 6: Optional: Adding the Clasp Magnet

Take your clasp piece and line it up against your BASE FRONT piece to work out how you want your clasp to sit on your chest.

Make a mark where the magnet is and just like the BASE FRONT piece, dig a hollow with the tip of your knife for the magnet to fit in.

Add a dab of hot glue and press the magnet in firmly to hold it in place.

Now, glue on the clasp overlay piece to cover up the magnet.

Step 7: Form the Base of Your Chest

You'll need your hot glue gun for each of these steps.

First, glue the bottom half of the hinge (making sure it swings up and outwards) on top of one of the large BASE pieces. Check it's swing afterwards!

Next, glue the two BASE SIDE pieces on top of the BASE piece so they are touching.

Finally, take your BASE FRONT piece (with or without magnet) and run a finger over it to find where the magnet is. Glue it on top of the BASE piece, joining onto the SIDE pieces so the magnet faces outwards.

With your base done, it's time for the lid!

Step 8: Forming Your Chest Lid

The lid is very similar to the base.

You'll need the 2 short LID SIDE pieces, the long LID FRONT and the other big piece for the top of the lid.

First, take the 2 short LID SIDE pieces and hot-glue a short edge to the LID part of the hinge.

Make sure the hinge is fully closed when you do this so your lid settles in the correct shape.

Next, hot glue the other short side on the far side of the hinge in the same way.

After that, hot-glue the LID FRONT piece onto the front edges of the two LID SIDE pieces.

Now, hot-glue the big piece on top to complete the structure of your chest.

The final step is to add your catch!

Step 9: Adding the Catch

If you added a magnet, then you'll have one magnet embedded in the CHEST FRONT piece.

Take your catch piece and allow it to stick to the magnet in the chest front. Flip it over to get the strong 'stick'.

Make sure the lid is fully closed when you do this!

Line up the catch so it points straight up and make a mark on the lid just underneath where the catch rests.

Now, add a blob of hot glue on your mark on the lid and press the catch in place.

Allow it to solidify, then try opening the lid. When you close it, it should hold in place nicely!

Step 10: Fill Your Pencil Case!

With all your hard work paid off, it's time to pack your diamond pickaxe, stack of planks, nether portal, pens, pencils, rulers and head to school/work!

Thanks for reading through the Instructable and I hope you feel inspired to try your hand at making your very own Minecraft Chest pencil case :)