Minecraft Combo Lock, and Door Tutorial.

Introduction: Minecraft Combo Lock, and Door Tutorial.

Hello, in this tutorial I will teach you how to build your very own combination lock/piston door. So let's get started.

Step 1: Demonstration.

Here are the levers that control the system numbered 1 - 5.

Step 2: Demonstration.

once the levers are pulled up the door will open. (note: all the levers will be down in the closed state.)

Step 3: Starting Your Build.

First you want to take your block of choice, (this is your wall) and build 5 pillars spaced one block away.

Step 4: Levers! Yay!

Then place the levers (be sure to pull them to their "down" state right now) on your pillars that you just made in the middle of the pillars. (extend one block higher and place signs to number then if you would like to.)

Step 5: Redstone.

Now go behind your pillars and place a block then redstone wire as shown. (the ones that have these blocks are the ones that will open the door when all are pulled.)

Step 6: More Redstone.

Now you can place some pistons, put these facing outward from the redstone lines you just made. Then cut 2 blocks out in the floor .

Step 7: And Some More Redstone.

place blocks onto the "sticky" face of your pistons and lay down redstone wire along as shown.

Step 8: TORCH!!!

Place a redstone torch (or redstone block if you feel so inclined to do so.) at the end of your redstone line.

Step 9: Pistons.

Now on the other end of the pillars (the opposite end of the torch) extend 2 blocks then on the third and back one place 2 sticky pistons on top of each other facing out the same direction of the levers.

Step 10: Blocks.

Now place blocks on the face of the pistons.

Step 11: More of That Red Stuff.

Place 4 blocks at the back of the 2 pistons you just placed in the pattern shown then place redstone along it, again like shown.

Step 12: TORCH!!!

now place a block and torch on the face of the torch right where some redstone was. (sorry 'bout that)

Step 13: Step 13 (with a Lack of Good Name)

Put down a redstone repeater facing your 2 pistons. This will make your door be able to close.

Step 14: More Stuff With Those Pillars.

on your pillars that have no redstone behind them place redstone torches in the middle back face. Then blocks on top of them.

Step 15: Blocks.

Now build a bridge like line of blocks over your pistons. then a block down to make it connect with the door wire. (this is connecting to the blocks above the torches)

Step 16: Redstone. (seems to Be a Common Theme Here)

place redstone all along the bridge you just made connecting with the door wiring and putting wire above those torches.

Step 17: DONE!

And your done! (see the picture of the whole system)

Step 18: Demonstration.

Now to test it.

Step 19: Test.

Pull the correct levers to see if your door opens.

Step 20: Test.

Now try any different combination and the door will shut. Now you can place down the rest of your wall and you door is complete! You now know how to build a simple combination lock and basic piston door. :D I hope you enjoyed please "vote" and I will see you next time!

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    5 years ago

    NO! WAIT! This whole guide is like the most unsecure lock ive ever seen! There are many problems!

    1. You can hear the pistons

    2. The piston blocking thing, you can just close the last piston and you unlock!

    3. The redstone signals are too low at extended locks! I mean you can fix it but t requires a whole lot of time to find the blind spots

    4. And more... I mean like "At least you tried!". No really, you can see yourself the security flaws. They probably can be fixed but im too lazy to do so. Beware!


    Reply 3 years ago

    hi, 2 years late but you can fix all these easily,
    1. add pistons to the ones that arent in the code, just ones that do nothing
    2. i think mine ended up inverted or you did something wrong but i had to activate all three for it to work
    3. redstone repeaters


    5 years ago

    thanks it's really cool I made it